which lip gloss is the best?3 easy to use lip glosss

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which lip gloss is the best?Let's see the 3 easy to use lip glosss !


MAC Lipglass in Prrr

Review by oneofmylies99: I really love this lipglass. I like to put it on extra thick. It's the prettist candlelight pinkish shade. Yes, it's sticky and my long hair does end up sticking to it but I love the feel of MAC's lipglasses. My lips always feel so moisturized and plump.

Review by taurusgurl5984: love this lip gloss, beautiful pearly pink, very sexy. The color fits my tan perfectly!

Review by mworley00: I just bought this lipglass the other day. I love it! It's such a pretty peachy pink colour. It looks good on any skin tone. especially in the summer when your tanned, it gives your face a healthy glow. I take this with me everywhere especially on vacation. I highly reccomend this. Excellent!!!

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Rimmel Vinyl Gloss-Delirious

Review by coolRED: This is a great gloss and a great color. I bought it on a whim and I'm glad I did. The color payoff is great and the color is universally flattering and I like the consistency and the sparkle and shine. It wears well and stays on a long time. A great product at a great price. I'll be back for more!

Review by tippygirl: This is a plum pinky color. I love rimmel snog a bit more which is why this is only 4 out of 5 but I like this color too. It is very moisturizing and wont dry out your lips. I'm addicted to rimmel glosses now because they are so moisturizing it's crazy. I have really full lips that chap easily but even without chapstick this gloss keeps them nice and moisturized. LOVE IT and it's CHEAP. Very glossy not long lasting as a Mac gloss but thats ok it's more moisturizing. I have no idea why they don't sell this as a moisturizing gloss.

Review by minnielouse: I love the color, the formula, the price, and it lasts on the lips quite a while for a gloss product. The only thing I would change is the little applicator thing-y; it doesn't have enough cushion or something, I don't know. But hey whaddayuh want for four bucks???

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Mary Kate and Ashley Glossy Sheer Liquid Shine Lip Tint in Peach Glaze

Review by Cristy1970: I really like the color of this gloss. It's almost like wearing clear gloss, but there's a very slight tint. It's perfect for a natural, but very shiny, kissable look. And it smells good and tastes all right, too. Personally, I love the slanted end on the tube. It makes it very easy for me to apply it. My only real complaint is the stickiness, but that's a general complaint of lip gloss.

Review by stellaluna2: My goodness this is a lovely surprise! It tastes and smells heavenly (seems to be a coconut/pineapple combo) and looks gorgeous on. I wanted Rose Glaze, but they aren't sealed and the last one appeared to have been used already by some discourteous shopper at Wal-Mart, so I got Peach Glaze instead. No regrets there. It's clear and smooth with a beautiful, hardly detectable shimmer. No stickiness. Hence, a perfectly sumptuous kissable pout.

Review by catlover9_9: Sometimes it looks nice, sometimes it looks to orangy. It depends how pigminted your lips are. smells nice, but will not repurchase.

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