which lip gloss is the best?3 best-selling lip gloss reviews

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which lip gloss is the best?Let's see the 3 best-selling lip gloss reviews!


Aveda Lip Shine in Grapefruit Pulp (370)

Review by munchlaxy: I use this as a lip gloss on its own or on top of a lip pencil for more color.
This gloss is easy to put on - it goes straight from the tube, so no need for a brush or to get your fingers messy. The color is very sheer with a slight shimmer. It does not last long, but not many lip glosses do.
I noticed that after I purhcased my tube, mine looked different than the color in the tube at the Aveda stores. Now, a few months later, I notice that my tube has changed colors - it's much lighter than before. I guess it's just getting old, which is unfortunate.

Review by labelslut: Grapefruit Pulp is my favorite Aveda lip shines, Honeysuckle is my second favorite. It doesn't have too much color, which I like, because I don't like a lot of color. I'm more of a glossy type of person, and this provides a lot of shine! I do however use it on top of Aveda's Sun lip concentrate and I like it that way too.

Review by Sybil84: I normally don't wear gloss. They are always too thick, sticky, and shimmery for me. My lips always dry out and I have shimmer left all over on strange spots, like the cracks.

This gloss is GREAT! Its smells wonderful. The shimmer doesn't stick around after the gloss fades away. Not sticky at all! I love the way it looks after I use this when I put lip stain on first.

I really want to try the other colors to see if they are sheer like this one or leave a tint! Also, a tube usually lasts me a little over 3 months with constant use so its worth the price when I have the for it.

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Estee Lauder Pure Color Lip Vinyl - Vinyl Chic

Review by Springncts: This is a great YLBB gloss on me! I got it as a GWP and I will be purchasing the full size version when this runs out. These glosses have a great texture and awesome staying power. I only had to reapply after eating. My only problem is that it is difficult to get the product out of the packaging.

Review by belle2216: LOVE it!! Perfect nude lipcolor with wonderful consistency and shine. Not sticky or tacky at all. Beautiful neutral color (it looks very brown on the website, but it's actually a perfect 'lips' color of brownish-pinky-peach). I have a tiny sample size from a GWP that's lasted me over a year, but the actual size is better because it comes with a mirror in the tiny ice-cube package! Perfect! Applied with your fingers, dabbed on, it just looks so natural and beautiful. Very expensive, though will last so long it's worth it. The smell is fine -- a little fruity but hardly noticeable (better than that horrid waxy lipstick smell!) Great lipcolor!

Review by bossanovaville: vinyl chic is the only nude shade i can wear that does not make look like a corps. it's perfect for "smoky eyes" look. it has got more pigment for a gloss and it's not sticky at all. i dont understand about the other reviews complaining about bad smell coz i love the smell and taste of this gloss. makes my lips really soft and smooth. loved "ice cube" packaging too.

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Lancome Juicy Tubes - Lychee

Review by minnielouse: I'm so devastated I left this in someone's car! This has to be my all time favourite Juicy Tube. I've used lots of other types before, and nothing quite has the colour and the effect of the Lychee. It stays on through drinks and everything! Being a true fan of lychees also, I must say, it does live up to expectations! Also, it is not as pigmented as some other colours, like Fraise, and that's great, because I'm not a fan of darker lips.

Review by peachy905: This looks very pretty in the tube, but once applied it is a little too frosty for my liking and tends to wash out my PPP complextion. It is sheer like all JT's but slighly more pigmented. This is great paired with a rouge lipstick. The shine lasts for ages and it smells divine =)

Review by lorraine07: Juicy Tubes are absolutely adorable! I have a whole collection - they smell divine and look fabulous. The lychee was my first one (going back now about 4 years) - and yes, it looks so pretty and smells like a perfectly sweet ripe lychee. My current fixation is with sorbet coconut - deluscious!!! They are however, quite sticky and don't last as long as many other lipglosses. But I think the novelty of the concept of juicy tubes really make this a standout in the market of lipglosses.

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