which lip gloss is the best?3 best-selling lip gloss comparison

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By Vicky

which lip gloss is the best?Let's see the 3 best-selling lip gloss comparison!


Isadora Express Star Gloss

Review by Angeline: I am in love with these glosses. I have Reflecting Blackberry and Reflecting Peach, and both are gorgeous. My definite fave is the Blackberry one--a lovely sheer plum-berry HG gloss! I find the texture to be similar to MAC Lustreglass and the Stila IT gloss--smooth, semi-tacky with that high-shimmer effect. And it has a lovely vanilla scent to boot! I also love the brush applicator. The colors are more on the sheer side though; I wish Isadora will come out with some more pigmented options! These are often BOGOF at the drugstore, but even at 10 bucks, I think these are worth it. I've tried a lot of other drugstore glosses, and Express Star glosses are definitely one of the best.

Review by nina: I have this lipgloss in Reflecting (or Sparkling) Nougat and WOW! I really like it! In the past couple of weeks/months, I've been trying to find a nice, new gloss for the season. I'm a DDD (like mocha, maybe?). it's like a sheer pinky/light brown (but not frosty or too light). it works great on me with or without a liner. It was a BOGO this week.... I stocked up!

Review by kjjamm808: I think they are being discontinued. I just got at Walgreens whatever was left for 5 each. They really are comparable to Chanel, and hardly anything ever compares to my beloved glossimers, so it says a lot. I have Reflecting Bloom and Reflecting Blackberry. Those are the only shades that go well with my coloring out of all the star glosses anyway. I'm not good at color descriptions, but others have described them well, so I don't have to. They tend to last relatively long on me, are moisturizing, sooo shiny (but not in a porn star kind of way) and make my mouth look bigger, are not yuckily sticky, not gritty, and don't dry my lips out at all, which is rare and also why I have to stick with Chanel (tried sooo many other brands).
I got a few tubes of each. Hopefully they will still be available somewhere online after they are gone from stores.

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Avon Glazewear in Sheer Lilac

Review by taskeeng: This is a fairly good lip gloss. It looks purple in the tube but on your lips it's pink with a very faint lilac tint. It isn't sticky, lasts a pretty good while and smells like syrup (YUM) but there isn't as much in the tube as there looks to be. this stuff gets used up pretty fast.

Review by wunverdoll: I love this color.It looks like it would be too purple but its not.It looks good on my cool toned PPP skin.I got this off ebay and now I'm not sure if they still make this color anymore.Would definitely buy this color again.Hopefully they still make it...

Review by oneofmylies99: This product was a great surprise. Given that it looks like a scary bright pink/purple in the tube, you'd never guess that it's a YLBB shade! Made my lips just a shade darker with a lot of shine. Highly recommended!

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Sally Hansen Eye and Lip Gloss

Review by mz654: At first I had my doubt, but my friend tried this and told me how great it was. I got it in Nude and its shimmery, but looks absolutely gorgeous on my eyes! It adds a nice glow without me looking overly made up. And the consistency is good, it glides on smooth and doesnt crease... Perfect! It looks good on lips if you dont put on too much.

Review by LuiLui: Multi-tasking has never been so easy! I only have to take one product with me and I have eye shadow, lip gloss and blush! Your whole face glows when you wear it! I will definitely re-purchase. I bought the nude color.

Review by London84: Sally Hansen has my highest respect; she really figured out what she wanted to offer in her cosmetic line, then worked and reworked things until everything (I've tried so far) was a WINNER. This is no exception. A layer of shine for your eyelid and lips -- not goopy, just shiny as can be, easy to wear, slim gorgeous packaging, tons of ingredients for something so simple -- because she took the trouble to combine things and experiment. I'd feel the same way before I put my name on a product. YAY Sally. Long may you wave. Total rave here.

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