which lip gloss is good?3 good lip glosss brand

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By Helen

which lip gloss is good?Let's see the 3 good lip glosss brand!


The Body Shop Love Gloss

Review by oopsygirl: today, i bought this lipgloss. the price is Rp 139.000 or US 16.
my first impression:
(+) i love the design. it's look chic and simple.
(+) the color (i choose natural) is great!
(-) not long lasting
(-) i don't like the smell of this product. it's smell passion fruit and if i smell this kind of smell, i become headache
(-) i don't like the love applicator, i prefer the ordinary one like 'lip and cheek stain'
(-) it's sticky
overall, i like this product but if i found another better product, i will choose another

Review by aznbebebabe: I really like this lip gloss. I have the Raspberry colour. I hate the feeling of sticky lip gloss, so I usually stick to lip balms because they feel nicer. However this one doesn't feel sticky at all, nor does it rub off soon after application like a lot of others! I usually wear it over a lip balm because I love looking after my lips and I'm used to not being able to wear lip gloss without balm underneath, but this one can actually be used on its own! It smells nice, and also doesn't taste too bad (for a lip gloss!) A tad pricey as the tube isn't huge, however it is well worth the money and is superior to most other products in its category.

Review by almighty_curv: I got this in color 04(nude beige) and 18 (bright orangey coral) and I love them both. It is very moisturizing, no werid taste and the colors do last. So happy with these, the 04 is my everyday natural look.

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Mary Kate and Ashley Sweet and Glossy Roll-On Lip Gloss

Review by kimmie578: I had this when I was in six or seventh grade. I would not recommend this to an adult but it was nice back then. I would wear it now too but that's just me, and I would only wear it to children birthday parties, outings at the lake, things like that. I would NEVER wear it to the movies or out to dinner. It smells great and it tastes like the best pink lemonade you'll ever taste. The roller ball applicator works great and applies a liberal amount. The glitter isn't uncomfortably scratchy so that is good. But the packaging isn't that great. I guess that is what I should expect from a Mary Kate and Ashley cosmetic but it does it's job. I just prefer classier packaging.

Review by Ellz: This product was terrific! I wish I had bought it in Watermelon, but I ended up buying it in Glistening Lemonade (I was going through my 'pink lemonade' phase). It's clear, with lots of glitter! It actually stays on great - if I can keep from licking it! As stereotypical as this sounds, when I put this on, I thought 'It's a cheerleader's gloss!' It made my lips look juicy and wet - red, instead of their usual coral-y pink. It's great!

Review by Capprii: i got this in watermelon! what a great gloss! this is my idea of a staple! its very glossy, makes em look totally wet! they smell really good!!! and dont taste that bad,and for 3 bucks u.s.c.,and the rolling ball is great because unlike some(ex-bonnebell-smakers) it doesnt get stuck this is a really good gloss and im definatly buying after im done with this one!!

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mark Grin and Bare It - In the Buff

Review by navarre: I love this product! I got it on sale for about 1.50 and it is worth every penny or more. The color is a pinkish/tan and gives a slight gloss to the lips that is perfect for me because my lips are already plump. The smell is not that great but I'll live with it for the quality. I would definitely buy this again!

Review by taskeeng: I love this stuff! Nice scent, nice feeling on your lips.
In the Buff is a nice, browned down pink that goes on with very little color. I like this one, but if you want a similar shade with more pigment, go for Half Dressed.

Review by cloud0204: I like the color and consistency of this. It is a little small in size though for me. (I have big lips) If it were like 1 mm wider it would be more comfortable to put on-if that makes any sense.

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