which lip gloss is good?3 easy to use lip glosss

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By Christina

which lip gloss is good?Let's see the 3 easy to use lip glosss !


Victoria's Secret Shining Kisses Lipgloss in Morgan

Review by kimby83: I was walking in the mall and i saw that Victoria's Secret had a sale: Lipgloss 2 for 18. Well i was pretty happy (since their lipgloss is normally 11. So i picked out Morgan, Morgan has a really nice almost marooon color. But, its not too dark. Even my friends are jealous of it. This is DEFINATELY a MUST.

Review by CherryBlossom03: I love this gloss. I wasn't expecting it to be so pigmented, I am used to the very sheer color from other brands. The color descriptions from everyone is a little different for Morgan but I found it be a medium rose shade. It is so pretty on. No scent or flavor on this one but what nice color. Last a decent amount of time and can be quite affordable if bought during a sale.

Review by gogoamy: The color of this lipgloss is a very flattering fuchsia-pink--and it gave my lips a nice sheen and best of all, it lasted a long time as well. Victoria's Secret lipglosses, I am finding out, are great quality. I just love this color, and it also imparts a somewhat glittery finish, if you are into that. I would definitely buy this again!

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E.L.F. Candy Shop Lip Gloss in Frosting Fanatic

Review by didion0312: this product is really nice. the color is a gold-peachy-shimmery shade, maybe a bit *too* shimmery but looks really cute anyway. I usually but a tiny bit over my lipbalm to give it a light gold effect.
the smell is super yummy but not annoying.
the packaging is supercute but I only use it at home as it's not super practical when you are out.
I think I will repurchase one or more, although there is A LOT of product so it will take some time to finish. maybe I'll try other flavours!

Review by vengland: To shimmery.

Review by Suzy_h: Mmmm...another winner from the Candy Shop line. FF is a sheer, gold-flecked peach that makes my lips look soft, full, and candelit (if that makes any sense). I love the texture of this gloss; it's creamy, although not particularly lasting. And for one dollar, I'll be buying back-ups.

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Eyeko Shea Shine #1 (pink/gold)

Review by rebec75: PERFECT lip gloss! Not sticky what-so-ever! BEAUTIFUL perfect Pinky/Gold color. I am always on the search for a great pinky/gold lipgloss. I love it! The packaging is fabulous, too! No Scent, No taste!

Review by dastac: The formula of this product is great because its so moisturising, so yes, i would love this if i'd bought a better shade but 01 did nothing for me at all. I love the click pen and brush (like Hard Candy's candy coating gloss).

Review by dontblink15: Picked up all three of the Eyeko lip glosses on ebay, for under 20! This gloss has a great texture. Even though it's very shiny, it's not at all sticky. There's no noticeable taste, and it even lasted, shine and all, for several hours. BUT: It's a little too frosty looking. I'm 47, and my frost days are over. If I cut it with a plain lipstick under, it's a little better. I wish it shimmered; as it is, I'll use it on occasion. But wouldn't repurchase, even at that great ebay price.
EDIT:: I was too hasty above. I love the Shea glosses more and more. They are very thick and glossy,and they actually last on my lips. It's less of a frost than a shimmer; these are a steal on ebay!

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