which lip gloss is good?3 easy to use lip glosss review

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By Helen

which lip gloss is good?Let's see the 3 easy to use lip glosss review!


Sisley Glossy Gloss in Grenadine

Review by belle2216: It's the most expensive gloss I bought, but it's very pretty. The color is very unique and complex: berry, a bit pink, a bit mauve with glitters. It'll look beautiful on most skintones, I think. The texture is great, too (not too sticky). My only gripe is packaging: with this price, it could have been prettier.

Review by mworley00: I don't know what the big deal is about this product! The price is insane first off. Grenadine is a hot pinkish shade in the tube that shows up very very sheer. You only get a hint of red-pink color on your lips. It has blue mircroglitter in it that definately does not give that childish look but do you really need any glitter? It is medium sticky and much more runny than most glosses. Gloss lasted a couple hours without eating. Basically, I would not rebuy this, but I wouldn't swap it either (I think). It is rather unique and can look pretty over other lipsticks!

Review by andij: I've been wanting this for ages but it was always sold out.
Finally got a call from Neiman Marcus and I had one shipped to my home.
Its sooooooooooooooooo beautiful. Yes, its runny. yes its overpriced. but heck, I'm worth it. I have never spent this much on a l/s or gloss and will probably never will again but this color is so gorgeous. I'm so glad I got it.
Pomegranate, sheer, micro-glitter. VERY pretty!

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Bobbi Brown Raisin lipgloss

Review by Lyssa2676: This was the colour lipgloss I was looking for, a sheer, super-glossy red-berry-brown. I love the small packaging, but not too fond of the brush. Also could do without the high price, but I'd probably buy this again.

Review by guitarzan: This is a deep creamy plummy brown shade. Perfect for a YLBB look for DDDs. I would definitely buy this again, but probably on ebay since I got a pretty good discount on this at Cosmetics Company Outlet. I love BB lipglosses because of the longlasting wear, emollience, and I actually like brush, even though it does tend to splay over time. I also like the small tube. Very chic.

Review by betsyab: This is a pretty sheer berry brown with no shimmer...think her Aubergine lipgloss with more brown in it. Very lovely.

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L'Oreal Colour Juice -Caramel Creme

Review by island_honey: This is a nice gloss. It is mostly nude with a slight golden shimmer to it. The glitter is larger than that in the other colourjuice colors I have seen, but the quantity of glitter is low, so it doesn't bother me. This gloss is shiny, has good consistancy and lasting power, and a pleasant fruity smell.

Review by staci01: Great gloss--a warmer shade than I wear usually, but it seems to be a nice universal color--maybe it's the touch of green! Wore only this on a recent trip to a cold part of Europe and it was the only thing that gave me nice shine and moisturization with a whisper of yummy carmel.

Review by mielr: THis is my fav. colorjuice (I have 4 of them). It is a pretty peach/nude color with a bit of green shimmer.
Smells wonderful and lasts a fair amount of time. I still love my juicy tubes better but this is the next best thing.. love it!

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