which lip gloss is good?3 best-selling lip glosss reviews

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By Marcella

which lip gloss is good?Let's see the 3 best-selling lip glosss reviews!


Sugar Cosmetics Sugar Slicks Gloss-Meow

Review by Alexis: They changed the scent of these glosses, and I miss the old one. Pretty color.

Review by zhenya: I have always liked Sugar's products, so I was eager to give this one a try. I love the product, but the color is only so-so. It's a little too nude for me, since I can't even tell it's there except for a little shine. I think I need something just a little more reddish, and it would be perfect. So I'll buy the product again, just not in this particular shade (Meow).

Review by shimmering: perfect nude color. another thing my friends steal!

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Clinique Cosmic Pink

Review by tetrakis: Well, I'm more of a pink/nude natural lip person. So buying this gloss was a shock even for me. But is a pretty summer color. Bright pink with intense gloss and sparkle. While I kinda like it, I will not repurchase it because it's just not for me. Too glossy, pink, and generic.

Review by cloud0204: This is a fuscia pink color that is bright and sheer with a lot of shimmer. It is not sticky and has good wear, except that you shoulkd only where this out- not to the officeor anything like that. It is a good buy for Spring/Summer.

Review by francesca39: I got this for free in a GWP. It was actually my introduction to glosses. I really like it. I also got Air Kiss, which is similar, but I like Cosmic Pink better because it has slightly more pigment. Still Cosmic Pink is basically a very sheer pink gloss that adds a very natural shimmer to lips. I love it. It's not terribly expensive, but if you want an even cheaper look-alike, try Milani Gloss in Evening Stars - very similar.

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Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips Lip Gloss in Ruby

Review by isabellet: This is one of the newer full color/coverage that is slightly more sheer than the original release. I agree with the previous review saying this is a wash of color. It is a cool mauvish color. It looks less harsh than Stella or Roxanne for example, but I love those and just use less. With Ruby, I don't have to be as careful as applying. It resembles Sugar in the tube somewhat, so if you have Sugar and like it but would like more color, you'll probably like this as well.

Review by Farra: I LOVE this lip gloss! It goes on smoothly -- not much is actually needed for all-over color, as well -- and gives a pleasant cooling sensation. It can even be applied without chapstick beforehand, something I nearly always have to do! I adore the deep red color; I can add just a few dabs to whatever gloss I already have on to add a bit more color to my lips during the day, or use it as a more dramatic lip color when I'm more made-up. (I'm quite pale, so the color appears quite dark on me). Plus, there is just SO MUCH gloss packed into the tube. Definitely one of my favorite and prettiest lip colors.

Review by gogoamy: Great lip gloss--the smell, the texture, the shine and the color are all fabulous. It has really good staying power for a gloss as well. This is my go to lip gloss; it is slightly darker than my natural lip color, so it is both natural and dramatic. The color is a plummy, mauve-y color, reminiscent of Nars Masai lip stick, but more and long lasting and flattering in my opinion.

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