which lip gloss is good?3 best-selling lip gloss review

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which lip gloss is good?Let's see the 3 best-selling lip gloss review!


Christian Dior Addict Lip Gloss - A Treat of Lollipops - 271

Review by taskeeng: This is a new color that came out with the ?A Pink Attitude? collection. This color is a cool mauve-y pink that would look best on cooler complexions. I didn?t find this lipgloss to be anything special. The texture is quite thin so it doesn?t have very good lasting power. It is very shiny, decently pigmented, but has a strong ?lipstick? fragrance that I wasn?t too fond of. I prefer NARS lipgloss and MAC lipglass over this formula.

Review by misswillow: First off, I had this for a year and half. This tube will last you a long time even if you area frequent lip gloss applier since the design doesn't let you get too much product at once.
The color is mauvish pink with a lot of shine - as it says on the package - but annoying as time goes. it's too sparkly/runway for my taste. Staying power is good for few hours.
cons: very sticky and hard to take off. Even if I did at first, there's this thin silver film left behind. had to scrub that off.
Overall, not a bad product, but very expensive!! 23 CAD for a tube. The smell is not lollipop at all, sort of plastic-y pancake topped with syrup smell.

Review by quantumkitten: I defintely don't see how this one could go fuschia. Its a cool mauve pink. Lots of shimmer. Its in the same family as Taste of Strawberries.

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Jordana Pretty Shine Lip Gloss- Sweet

Review by Sybil84: Really pretty bubblegum pink color :-) It's a pretty good dupe for MAC Viva Glam GaGa lipglass. The only thing I don't like is that it's very thick.

Review by srobinb: I bought this lip gloss on a whim at Walgreens. I didn't even know mine carried the Jordana line. When I first tried it, I wasn't sure if I liked it because I found it way too frosty. I tried it again today over NYX natural lip liner, and I now love this gloss. This combo creates the perfect neutral pink.
I love the smell of this gloss--grape bubblegum. The scent is very light and doesn't linger for too long. This gloss has amazing staying power, and it is not sticky at all! It's very pigmented. The only thing is I don't love doe foot applicators. I prefer the brush type. Oh, and I also agree with the other reviewer in that it makes any flakes on your lips more obvious, but it's easily smoothed over with my Sally Hansen clear gentle lip plumper.

Review by lipstickcrazy: cute pink in the tube but waaaay frosty on the lips, it makes my lips look metallic but if ur searching for that kind of look this is a very good cheap priced VERY pigmented lip gloss. its thick! i havent worn it for long to know if its long lasting b/c its too frosty for me to wear out. but its good quality! if it were diff color id wear! ( i have it in dazzling an orange gold color and i really like taht one!)

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Lancome Prune Juicy Tubes

Review by wunverdoll: while I really like this color, the texture is way too slimy for me. The color is a lovely tint of deep berry, but ther's no color on your lips to speak of - rather it's just the barest suggestion of deep berry tint with maximum shine. But the shine is slimy and the gloss doesn't last long at all. This is true for all JTs, IMO. Not a favorite gloss of mine.

Review by lbarnold: I was afraid this was going to be too deep and cool on me, but it
goes on almost clear. Adds a subtle but rich dimension to your
fall-winter lipstick colors. Glad I bought this one. Update 2009 -
too sheer to be worn by itself, and edges bleed when applied over
lipstick. I own very few lipglosses and am very picky. Lipgloss must
not bleed when applied over lipstick.

Review by sjcsmall: I LOVE this color. It's dark enough to have just the right berry color but is perfectly sheer. When I found out it was discontinued I bought a backup tube! I love the scent and everything. No other JT's compare! (NW20-LLL)

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