which is the best sunscreen?3 top sunscreen

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By Vicky

which is the best sunscreen?Let's see the 3 top sunscreen !


Paula's Choice Extra Care Non-Greasy Sunscreen SPF 45

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: This is the only sunscreen that BURNS and stings like hell on my face after putting it on for maybe 15 minutes! I hate it.. I do not have sensitive skin and with any other sunscreen I do not have this problem. I first liked it because it is quite cheap and has antioxidants in it too but it feels greasy and shiny on my face and the packaging is really awful to handle. I usually like all the stuff from paula but this i do not recommend.

Review by vengland: I don't understand the negative reviews for this product. I have extremely sensitive skin and can not wear any sunscreen except LRP and some physicals. I was very surprised at the elegant nature of this sunscreen and the high PPD. I will spend of sunscreen but feel it is unnecessary given the beauty of this product. However, it does make me shiny without primer.

Review by Cygentte3: Very nice sunscreen. Sunscreen ingredients similar to Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch SPF 55; this sunscreen is a little more liquid and silky feeling to apply. It does leave some sheen (as does the Neutrogena) in certain lights (eg, under fluorescent light in the mirror at my gym; mirror reflection in home bathroom with fluorescent light does not exhibit sheen).

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Clinique Sun SPF50 Body Cream

Review by kitkat85: I just wanted to add that I do like this cream, but if you put on too much, it can pill and rub off. If you smear it all over your legs and wear a summer dress, it rubs off onto the dress or on your sandal. The texture in nice that thick and creamy. It feels really nice and easy to apply, but I can't give this a high rating due to the fact that if you wanted to layer on some for after a two or three hours, it would pill. What good is that if it can't stick to your skin and stay on. I have normal to dry skin on my body. My husband said he is okay with it, but he doesn't put on the right amount to cover your skin.

Review by OutofControl: I like this, for a chemical sunscreen. Normally I like to use physical blockers for the best UVA protection (zinc oxide), and this one does not have it. But, I like to put this on my chest and shoulders if I am going to get incidental exposure during the day. Not greasy, no annoying frangrance (like Neutrogena Dry Touch has - yuk), and goes on smooth and creamy. No breakouts thus far. Would buy again. I think the Avobenzone is a fair UVA protectant, but not as good as zinc - but I will say unfortunately with zinc, you usually get a whitish cast or greasiness - or both. This is a nice alternative.

Review by blacklittlepig: It is actually the same thing as the one for face except that this one doesn't have sea plankton extract while the face one does (I bought both, thanks to the pushy yet convincing SA). The texture is creamy and quite moisturizing for those with oily skin. For those who are on the drier side, I suggest to use some moisturizer underneath. I believe this one provides adequate and stable UVA protection, since the avobenzone is stabilized.

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Shiseido Extra Smooth Sun Protection Cream SPF 36

Review by bastet: I really do not understand why this product receives so many good reviews - it was actually the reason I bought it without trying in the store. In Europe, the SPF is 30 instead of 36. This product made my face so white, i looked like a Geisha Girl !! It was really scary so going outside with this stuff on your face would made some chidren scream of horror !! Even washing it off with soap and water was a nightmare _ I could hardly take it off my face. Never again will i purchase a Shisedio suncare product. I might use it only for a masquerade.

Review by AutumnBliss: I absolutely love it. Like the previous reviewers have said, it has a wonderful matte-finish which keeps the oil in check. I barely have to use powder anymore and simply blot my skin with a napkin when it's too shiny. This is wonderful and smells great and keeps your skin smooth and healthy. 5 stars!

Review by CherryBlossom03: This sunscreen is the best sunblock I have used so far. It doesn't look greasy and doesn't break me out. My skin is even smoother and moisturized and matt after applying this sunblock cream. Love it.

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