which is the best shampoo?3 top shampoo

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which is the best shampoo?Let's see the 3 top shampoo !


Clairol Degunkify

Review by ooliedonna: This product is a winner for getting rid of product build-up. I have naturally very wavy, coarse yet fine medium/long blonde hair that I highlight. As I've yet to find a product that keeps my waves from looking totally frizzy, I tend to use my flat iron...a lot. My hair was starting to feel very heavy and just plain dirty, even after washing it. I wasn't sure whether to pick Degunkify or Drama Clean, so I went with Degunkify based on the fact I preferred its fragrance, and I'm quite happy. It doesn't make my hair all tangly or do funky things to my highlights, it smells good, it doesn't dry my hair/scalp out, and it makes my hair feel light and bouncy. Plus, I got it for 2.50. Thumbs up!

Review by Pinki: Another same-old shampoo I think. There is no tingle in this. What there *is* is a very slight cooling feeling that comes from the menthol that makes it smell very, very strange. Sniffing it from the bottle it just smells like every other fruity herbal essences shampoo with a pineapple kick, but as soon as you use it in the shower? All I smelled was menthol. Gross. Smells nice in a sudafed plugin...not so nice in a shampoo. Decent cleansing shampoo, but nothing special.

Review by leeyao: This is a great clarifying shampoo. I usually use moisturizing
shampoos, but I use this once a week to get rid of build up. It's inexpensive and really works.

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TRESemme Climate Control Shampoo

Review by taskeeng: As I am frequently outdoors and live in Florida, I was looking for a product that would protect my thinning hair from the sun. I have short hair and wash it daily. My scalp had a reaction to this product from the first time I used it. Since I had purchased such a large container of shampoo, I used it for about two weeks, with no improvement in the itching. As my hair was becoming dull and dry, and my scalp was continuing to itch and flake, I discontinued use and went back to my old product. One use and the itching has stopped. I could very well have had an allergic reaction, but I will not use this product again.

Review by fitnessa: Desperate to be rid of the layers of frizzies that come with the humid climate I live in, I tried this because I thought this product couldn't do much harm. This shampoo/ conditioner duo makes my fine hair very smooth and doesn't dry it out. It does tame the frizzies I get when it's very humid. I can't judge the claim that it blocks UV rays (this doesn't really matter to me), and I am not sure how it might protect your hair from wind (?!), but this is the best product I've tried so far to combat Humidity Hair.

Review by labelslut: FINALLY! A shampoo that lets my hair adapt to the muggy outdoors of pre-summer Virginia. This is probably the best shampoo in the TS line I have ever used. I have been using the TS products for over 20 years now and I absolutely now swear by this shampoo. The only small criticism I have (but not enough to bump it down a lippie) is that the clear formula seems to slightly dry my hair out at first. Then, after blowdrying, it miraculously comes to life and the frizz, and dryness virtually disappear. Other than that, it smells wonderful, works very well and lasts until my next shampoo. This stuff rocks, conditioner included!!!

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A/G Tech Two

Review by francesca39: I have a neighbour whose nephew owns a high end salon and they use the A/G line. He gives her a lot of products and thus I get to give them a test drive. This is a delish-smelling shampoo that provides good moisturization in the cleansing process. I've steered away from this shampoo since I stopped colouring my hair, however, would purchase again if need be. I would say it's comparable to Redken All Soft, maybe a tad less moisturizing.

Review by Capprii: I've had a lot of success with this product, it definitely gives my hair some extra volume and adds great shine. It does have a strong fruity scent which at first can be quite invigorating but by the second wash seem too strong. While my roomie and I tend to like Biolage Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioning Balm better, it's definitely a great product. The Biolage products I find are more rich and luxurious.

Review by auth: This is a very nice everyday shampoo for pretty much any hair type. It lathers and cleans well without stripping. It leaves my hair soft, shiny and slightly more voluminous than usual. Although it's creamy looking and feeling, it doesn't aggravate my oily scalp-big bonus for me. I also love the tropical fruit/pineapple scent, but it could be too much for some. It's not cheap but worth buying when on sale. I would buy again. :)

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