which is the best self tanner?3 top self tanner

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By Monica

which is the best self tanner?Let's see the 3 top self tanner !


Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanner

Review by biomechmonster: I am very fair and usually all my experiments with self-tanners were total disasters. But this... This is just a wonderful amazing product that gives me just enough colour and the most beautiful glow. When I apply it in the morning after my moisturizer I don't even bother with foundation anymore. Definately a five-star product!

Review by mulhollanddrive: My experience was far different than the other reviewers so far. I get tan on my body but my face stays pale so I thought this would be nice to try. I got a Sephora sample, it's advertised as for face and decollete. I do not know the ingredients but it feels like it is heavy on silicones, which normally don't affect me but in this case, the day after using it I broke out with large painful cystic acne bumps on my chin. I am 48 and get zits once in a blue moon, so this was surprising. Also, the product did not make me the least bit darker--it just made my face greasy. It was hard to tell if it was even sinking in. I threw it away immediately. Fail!

Review by stephanie32082: I am scared of self tanners admittedly. But having a friend who works for Clarins, and having her rave about this to me I gave it a shot.
I am pretty fair to start (010 in Dior foundations, barely a 115 in HD), and pretty pink. So I usually expect a garish Orange nightmare when I self tan. With this I was pleasantly surprised.
Pros - very natural buildup of colour, no orange.
- the inclusion of Instant smooth made for both a smooth application, and a flawless look to the skin while it is on.
- no streaking, no self tanner smell
Cons - it's a little jar. A little seems to be going a long way but it's still pretty small in comparison to other Clarins offerings.
In the end I would suggest this to anyone looking to a great facial self tanner, especially if you usually run away from them ;)

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Jan Marini Bioglycolic Sunless Self-Tanner

Review by taskeeng: This self tanner is one of my favs. I get the most natural looking tan on my face with this product. It is pricey at 25.00/4oz but when I want a great tan on my face without the sun b/c I slather on the sunscreen on my face during the summer I reach for this product. I like the tan and it doesn't break my face out! Goes on evenly and doesn't streak like other face tanners I've tried.

Review by lipstickcrazy: This self tanner is amazing! I bought it to use on my face.I have acne prone skin and break out very easily. I have been using this for a couple of months and have had no breakouts. In fact my skin has never looked better.It gives a very natural, gorgeous color, does not smell and sinks right into your skin.Am now using it all over. Cannot say enough good things about this stuff.

Review by Carrie: Wow! I love this self-tanner for the face. I'm very, very pale and I use strong sun block on my face. I was afraid to use self-tanners because I thought my face would turn an unnatural shade. This product, after a few hours, gave my face and neck a pretty tan! The shade looks natural, it's even. This product feels good going on, doesn't smell, and hasn't made my face break out with acne. So far, I only have to use once a week to maintain my pretty color so the product will last a very long time. It has glycolic acid in it so I feel like I'm also giving my facial skin a treatment. Very Nice! I use Aveeno Continual Radiance as a body self tanner and the Jan Marini face tanner matches so my face and body match so I don't look fake.

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Bath and Body Works Strike Gold

Review by kitten75: Great self-tanner and is super-cheap compared to Clarins and other self-tan products. Makes me perfectly bronzed and not orange at all. Definitely my HG tanner!

Review by Dimitra: I really like this product, I am not one for self tanning, but I had to be tan in just a few days, and a girl at my school suggested it to me, I love the smell personally and it does go on smoothly. Just be sure to get it every where though. I ended up with a white spot below my knee because I applied it in such a hurry.

Review by island_honey: This is a great self-tanner. I use it on my lily-white legs, and it gives them a nice, golden look to match the rest on my body. The first layer is very sheer, but you can layer it for more colour. Great product.

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