which is the best self tanner?3 recommended self tanner

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By Christina

which is the best self tanner?Let's see the 3 recommended self tanner !


Christian Dior DIOR BRONZE Auto-Bronzant Eclat Naturel FACE

Review by glossgal_01: FANTASTIC face tanner! Its a shimmery gel with a slight bronze tint that imparts a glow with the faintest hint of bronze. BEAUTIFUL! What I love about it is that its very gentle on my sensitive skin, soaks in quickly and has a pleasant smell. Thanks to MUA for recommending this product!

Review by YolandaMC: Amazing intense color (caramel/amber) from this one (from DHA and the enhancing agent Erythrulose)! And it lasts *very* long, 4-5 days, with one layer, even with exfoliation and all the stuff that I do to my face. Fades evenly, doesn't break me out. It's basically the same as the Body Natural Glow version, just with less alcohol and in a smaller tube. Best thing, it doesn't stick like most self-tanners do!

Review by dontblink15: Wow! I love this product! This is one of the few self tanners that doesn't make my face break out. I use this once or twice a day (I use a lot of AHA's and BHA's, so poof goes the tan......) I'm normally a NC15, and this gives me a nice NC25 to NC30 tan. Looks very natural, and has a smooth, silky texture. Makes a good primer for makeup as well. Retails for aprox 48 NZD

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Bare Escentuals Faux Tan

Review by munchlaxy: This self tanner is beyond great. It leaves you with a nice glow no orangey streaks at all. Looks like I was on vacation after one application! The chocolate color is perfect you can see where it goes and let me say that a little goes a long way!!! If your running out too fast then your using too much! Nice smell too. I buy mine off ebay cuz its way cheaper there than anywhere else.:)A++

Review by coolRED: This is a great product, the tan was very natural looking. If you're fair-skinned, you might want to cut it with regular body lotion. That's how I'm able to get the most natural-looking results

Review by Erin: This is by far the best self-tanners that I have tried. I am fair-skinned and this works well. If you are fair-skinned make sure you apply a small amount. I made the mistake of going overboard and it streaked very badly. If you apply a small amount it looks very natural

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Victoria's Secret Bare Bronze Daily Glow Moisturizer

Review by nishie: I absolutely love this gradual tanner. I have been sampling all summer (and for years now really) to find a nice subtle self tanner. For a deep tan go with Neostata - it is the best, but for a nice subtle glow that looks extremely natural and does not have to be shipped from Canada run to Victorias Secret! This is the best gradual that you can buy and I have tried them all from the super cheap Jergens to Clarins - this is the best! I still use Clarins for my face though, but for body this rocks!!! :) I wish it came in a larger bottle! Also, I should mention that I am extremely fair and bought the Light/Medium. It looks very natural, but produces very little color. I prefer a moderate look for the fall/winter season. If you want a darker shade then go with the Medium/Dark shade.

Review by Springncts: I didn't have any luck with this product whatsoever. I've tried a few self tanners and this is just as bad as the rest. First off, it doesn't smell like tropical anything. It smells like sour milk, especially after a few hours. It also creases and turns orange around your elbows and ankles. The color is okay when it actually shows up but it's so splotchy and inconsistent. Like the Jergens, it doesn't matter how consistently you apply it or how often you try to even it out, it doesn't look good. Definitely not recommended.

Review by taurusgurl5984: I am using this in the winter months, because my legs get really pale and ashy! It smells really nice like coconutty tanning lotion, smooth application, not at all sticky. really moisturizing.
great product overall

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