which is the best palette?3 effective palette

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By Fiora

which is the best palette?Let's see the 3 effective palette !


Urban Decay 15 year anniversary palette

Review by stephanie32082: This is just about Urban Decay in general for those women who feel, "oh it has too much glitter, oh, I'm not 19 I can't wear this, I look like stripper, etc...Why the Hell are you buying it then?? I'm in my late 30's and it still works for me. Annndd, I'm not a stripper!! I'm actually an engineer!?! WTF? Right? Anyway, I never write reviews, but it this case it just annoyed me to read negative reviews when it really is a quality product, I've been using it for 15 years and will continue to do so; I always get compliments when I'm wearing it.

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: This is my first high-end eye shadow palette and decided to purchase it because of its paraben-free formulation. These shadows are super pigmented and only need to pick up a tiny bit to complete an eye look. I love the range of color selections. The packaging is super cute, however, not super convenient while traveling. It does not irritate my eyes or cause any breakouts around the eye area. I do use this above an eye-shadow primer because I have a very oily face as well as oily lids. The colors do stay throughout the day and is just as intense as the first time it is put on. This would make an amazing gift for anyone who loves makeup!

Review by glossgal_01: Since I already have the BOS3 and the Naked palette I was going to pass on this. I started looking at swatches online and decided that the colors were unique enough to go ahead and get it. I only gave this a 4 because I just can't stand the bulky packaging. It's gorgeous, but I'd rather have something that takes up less room. If you don't have a huge stash it's probably ok, but with the size of my stash this really takes up a lot of room.
I have seen a lot of comments that the Naked palette is too warm. If you think those are too warm, then you definitely won't like the "neutrals" in this palette. They are very warm. The brights are gorgeous, and if you love warm colors the neutrals are great too. I am really enjoying it, and I would definitely repurchase.

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LORAC Greatest Hits CD - 1

Review by nishie: I adore this, it's convenient (lip gloss/eyeshadows/blush/lip/cheek tint all in one place), the quality is wonderful, and the colors together really work for an easy, naturally pretty look. I have a lot of makeup and I seem to always resort to this one stop makeup CD. I love that you can use the dark shadow (Forgot the name) as an eyeliner, the eyeshadows are silky smooth w/ great staying power and a little goes a long way. The lip/cheek tint in red is my absolute fave - so pretty on, makes me look flushed all day long, even in the hot Fla weather. On lips, it makes your lips stained w/ clear gloss on top - so easy to be pretty!

Review by wunverdoll: This is my first LORAC purchase and I'm not disappointed! Actually, going into Sephora, I had no intent of looking at the Greatest Hits CD (I went in to look at the Stila Fierce Palettes), but I have to say, I'm glad the rep showed me this one. I was kinda eh on the Stila (too shimmery, and since this was my first time really experimenting with shimmer, I didn't want to go overboard), I really liked how the the LORAC looked. Admittedly, I wasn't a 100% sure when I left the store, but I've been playing around with all the colors on the palette and they're all so pretty together! I'm a NC40, olive skinned Asian chick, and the whole palette works for me. A little pricey, but worth it!

Review by dlbd2k06: This palette is phenomenal! The shadows are so smooth and silky and beautifully pigmented. The blush is gorgeous and the lipgloss is fantastic and very flattering on a varitey of skin tones. This only thing I wasn't that crazy about was the lip/cheek stain, its waay too red for cheeks, but does look nice on my lips. I got this pretty cheap on ebay, but I would pay full price for such excellent quality.

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Cargo Hands of Hope Eyeshadow Palette

Review by Jaie: I absolutely love this palette! It has nice combo of colors. It's a bit shimmery, but its so pretty on your eyes. And the packaging is a lot nicer than any of Cargo's regular shadows. Too bad it's limited edition. Pretty hard to find

Review by Newme: great product for9 shadows for 29 u end up paying 3.33 per shadow, not only that but theres 3 grams of product per eyeshadow compared to a MAC which has 1.5 grams. the color pay off is good not as great as lorac or mac but for the price its still makes the product 5 lipsticks out of five.

Review by Bethany09: I got this when Cargo was pulling out of Sephora and the reduced everything by 50%, so would I buy it again? HECK YEAH!!! (But I would even at full price, it's a great deal, because of the color choices and generous pans.)
This has 9 generously sized, and practically chosen color-wise shadows. There are plenty of neutrals with some very wearable more colorful options. This could easily be someone's go to palette without anything else needed.
The packaging seems a little flimsy, but I've had mine for over 10 months and have had any problems, so it's sturdier than it appears.
Overall a wonderful way to get a good range of Cargo's phenomenal shadows (I forgot to mention their creamy smooth pigmentation).

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