which is the best palette?3 best-selling palettes

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By Vicky

which is the best palette?Let's see the 3 best-selling palettes !


Sugar Cosmetics I Dream of Sugar

Review by marsqurine: I got this palette on sale for 19. It is super cute w/a nice mix of neutral and bright shadows. The cheek color and bronzer are beautiful as well. The lip glosses are ok but I really bought it for the shadows. All you need are some brushes and a shadow primer and you're good to go. My mom took one look at mine and decided she wanted one too.

Review by cweiss: Very cute palette, I also got it at TJMaxx for 4.99 and my goodness was that a good deal. 16 pretty well-pigmented eyeshadows, 8 glosses, a huge blush and a huge bronzer. The blush is very peachy, and would work well for summer. Nice shadows, all are shimmery except for 2 of the darker neutral colors which are completely matte. This little palette would be perfect to bring along on a week-long vacation because it's small and portable, yet has many choices for different looks, both day looks and night looks.

Review by isabellet: Got this in swap. I love Sugar lipglosses so I thought I'd give it a try.
PROS: The lipglosses are lovely colors! The colors are nice, generally.
CONS: The e/s are a bit chalky. The bronzer is a bit too dark. The e/s are a bit on the small side, as are the lipglosses. Cardboard surrounding the products makes it a little messy and it starts to look grimy very quickly (fortunately, it's easy to depot these products, which I did almost immediately after receiving it!)
It's a decent palette, but not fabulous. While I will probably use my palette now and then, I would only repurchase this if I could get it on clearance somewhere.

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Pupa Angel Kit

Review by edie4711: I am not sure about the price, be course it was a gift but anyway i still love it. It looks sooo cute and the quality is pretty nice.
I especially like a lot dark/light blue eye shadow among four eye shadows and creme eyeshadow too ( light pink/silver) it will stay the whole day if your eyelid skin is normal but mine is too oily so i have to use eye shadow base for it.
it also has 2 sparkling lip glosses (pink/light green) i used them up in the first week i have it (^_^)
And powder with blushes is also good as a colour, but i don't use them that much since i don't get used to put blushes and powder.
The weak point is the package it won't be transported at all so I am advising you to keep the box, just in case you want to move it somewhere else. But anyway even if it is in the box it still fragile so be careful!

Review by nemomemo: I *wishwishwish* Pupa was more widely available in Australia...'cos I'm totally addicted to their makeup kits! The Angel kit was my first, received in a swap, and it's just the most adorable little thing. It sits so serenely on my dressing table, and opens up to all the colour cosmetics I need! Plus, the colours and textures of the actual cosmetics are very high quality, and stay on quite well. The shimmer powder is subtle but oh-so-pretty, and the powder blush applied with highlighting creme over the top is so healthy and feminine...Cuteness and practicality!

Review by CancerianPrincess: I can't comment on price because my cousin from Italy sent this to me as a gift. It is adorable! and the makeup is great quality too. Pupa is a highly regarded makeup in Italy and it's used at a lot of fashion shows. The eyeshadow has to be my favorite part of this kit...it's sheer but has styaing power. I also like the eye pencil..I didn't think it would be anything special but I'm very picky when it comes to eyeliners because they always run..this one has major staying power.

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Tokidoki Robbery Palette

Review by aznbebebabe: The first thing I noticed about this was the cute packaging! I took a few minutes just to look at the artwork on the tin, it was obvious a lot of work went into designing it.
Now on to the actual makeup... the very first palette justifies the price right away. All four colors are beautiful and highly pigmented, and the bronzer that is included is great as well. The second palette is not as great. Candy Cane was very sheer and much too glittery to work with properly. Soya was also pretty sheer. I like the blush that came with this one, though. The third palette is a little bit better. Liberty was very sheer/glittery as well, but Adios makes up for it. It's a beautiful matte black, and is very dark and pigmented. The blush with this one is good as well.
I'd give the first mini pallete a 5, the second a 3, and the third a 4, so the average rating for the entire set is a 4.

Review by AokiJ: I bought this on Sephora for 38 and it was worth every penny. The packaging is so cute and fun. I like that there are 3 little seperate palettes that can be taken out individually. The box is kind of big but I love the fact that I can use it for other things. I bought this palette for the eyeshadows but I was blown away by the blushes. I'm not a big blush person and the fact that they had glitter in them made me a bit iffy. But just the other night I decided to go for it and put on a little Polpettina and it was love first sight the color is amazing and the glitter is so subtle but looks really beautiful. I highly recommend this palette it has become my instant favorite.

Review by oopsygirl: Ive always found tokidoki super cute but was a bit iffy about the quality of the makeup since its originally a sorta nick-nack brand. saw this at sephora and the price was marked down to 50 which is a steal considering it came with 12 eyeshadows, 3 blushes, a super cute magnet (which is now on my fridge :3) and a totally adorable tin that I cant help but stare at all the littles characters :3 which turns out to be a big reason to why I bought it. Now the quality of the eyeshadows and blushes is extraordinary! It comes with 3 palettes; one for everyday, one for night and one for having fun! I totally reccomend this!

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