which is the best nail treatment?3 best nail treatment

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By Sara

which is the best nail treatment?Let's see the 3 best nail treatment !


Creative Nail Design Cuticle Eraser

Review by francesca39: i actually like this product. when you use it w/ a cuticle pusher, your cuticles miraculously disappear. almost like a freak of nature or something. A+ in my book cuz honestly, i REALLY don't want to cut my own cuticles! too scary.

Review by quantumkitten: I rub a small amount into my cuticles a few times a day (whenever I can remember to do it!).
It does make my cuticles dry, so I always follow up with a cuticle oil, usually the L'Occitane cuticle cream which is very moiturizing.
Consistent use of this product helps my cuticles look neater between when I 'do' my nails (twice a week). And, makes removing my cuticles when I 'do' my nails easier.
UPDATE 10/10/08: I've been using this for a few months, and it's definitely an HG for me!

Review by fuxxy: Wonderful for your dry cuticles.I have bought it in multiples,so I have it on hand always!I Won't be without it!

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Nailtiques Formula 2 - Nail Protein

Review by KateN: I've been using it faithfully since February '04. I had acrylics and no nail bed, and this helped build my nails VERY quickly. People are amazed at how strong my nails are, because they still 'look' thin. I just use it for maintenance now. I, too, have noticed that it peels sometimes, but if you're applying it every day, then stripping it every 3-4 days, it shouldn't do that anymore. It's my HG for nail care!

Review by AokiJ: Worth every penny! I've got the worst nails! They are paper thin and refuse to grow. I really wanted long beautiful nails for my wedding. This nail protein did it for me. My nails grew beautifully and they were strong. I could type all day and they didn't chip, peel, or break. Love this stuff. I've turned several of my girlfriends on to this and they all love it too. Love, love, love it!

Review by shelby1123: I've always had soft, peeling nails which break off once they start to grow a bit. I think it's a result of me biting them when I was a little girl. I'd given up hope on just resigned myself to the fact that my nails are always going to be crap until a friend of mine recommended this product. I've only been using this for a 10 days but I can already tell the difference. Only one of my nails has peeled since I started using it and I've actually had to file my nails down on the weekend as they had grown so much! I'm looking forward to seeing what happens after weeks of constant use, but sofar I've bought the small bottle for both my mother and my cousin as I think this is great stuff!

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Cutex Nail Polish Remover

Review by Capprii: Best one I've tried so far.

Review by cperry: I always found I had difficulty removing reds and darker nail colors with this. Even the faster version doesn't get all the residue off. Best to use pure acetone, a much cheaper, faster, and more efficient nail polish remover.

Review by angelchan: Does a fantastic job of removing polishes, even glittery or staining ones. I'm big on cotton ball application - wet one, press it down for a few seconds on the nail, quick wipe...all gone. (I used to use a Kleenex and tried lots of little wipes, which took forever!) It's a bit drying, but nothing some hand or cuticle cream can't handle. Finally, I have the strengthening formula and my nails do seem to have become more resilient. Big ups!

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