which is the best nail polish?3 top nail polishs review

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which is the best nail polish?Let's see the 3 top nail polishs review!


Revlon Perplex

Review by lbarnold: I LOVE this nail polish. It is easily opaque in two coats. Best of all is the lasting power! My nail polish often chips very easily because of how often I have to wash my hands at work, but this definitely beats out Essie/OPI etc. After a week I only had minor tip wear [for reference I use CND Stickey and Seche Vite]. If you can still find this color definitely pick it up!

Review by IMAproductwhore: Perfect DUPE of Paradoxal, IMO. I now have both and cannot tell a difference when they are on my nails. Perplex is better quality, I think. It has a smooth application and almost a one "coater". And it is cheaper! Lasts longer and chip resistant. I was disappointed in the Chanel when I purchased. Perplex made me happy.

Review by Lyssa2676: I purchases this polish as it's a decent dupe of Chanel Paradoxal. I love the dimension in this polish. Gorgeous purple-taupe with hidden shimmer. I received so many compliments when I wear this color. Durability it comparable with OPI and Essie. I'm hard on my hands/nails and if I get 4 days without a chip...it's great in my book.

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OPI Bright Lights - Big Color

Review by SisleyAus: This was the first OPI polish I bought and I love it! Such a pretty color, really compliments my skin tone (pale..lol). Went on beautifully, and I can get lazy when applying polish. :D

Review by runtagua: This is a must have for summer! It is the perfect pinky coral color. I bought this over a year ago, and it was the first OPI nail polish i bought. The quality of the product has held up over time as well. I agree with many of the reviews below, also this color is great on my pale skin with pink undertones!

Review by andij: I love this color! I got this at Ulta for free for my rewards points. It's such a pretty pinky coral color with green and gold sparkle. I was actually planning on getting a different color with my points but this one caught my eye. So pretty!

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Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle Nail Polish

Review by LuiLui: I was attracted to this product by the pretty gold packaging. I like the feel of it in my hand, and it is very quick and easy to apply. This is one of SH better product, it dries fast ad leaves no offensive smell, but a nice gloss. However I think I will be the first to say it did nothing to make my nails grow any faster.

Review by cgosyne: This is the best nail strengthener I've ever used, and I have spent LOADS of money on everything you can imagine. I have soft, peeling nails that always end up getting torn. It took two full months, but my nails are finally hard and strong, and I haven't had breakage or tearing in two weeks, which is a record!!! No more expensive gels for me!
I just recommend you hang in there and stick with it for a couple of months,

Review by Susie31: I have the worst nails--breaking, peeling, splitting, you name it! So, when I saw the new colors at Walgreens, I decided to give it a try...They are phenomenal! They made my nails strong, and the polish didn't chip!! In fact, I would say it is even better than OPI's Nail Envy and about 10 cheaper :)

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