which is the best nail polish?3 recommended nail polish

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By Fiora

which is the best nail polish?Let's see the 3 recommended nail polish !


Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Going Green

Review by bossanovaville: This is amazing kelly green polish. I picked it up for 2.99 at Rite Aid (mainly for St. Patty's day). The color in the bottle is pretty, but doesn't do justice to how vibrant it turns out on the nail. It has a slight bit of shimmer (not obvious, you have to look closely to see it) which is just enough to give it some depth. The formula is a little bit thick, and I did have issues with it bubbling on two of my nails when I applied it too thickly. It also stained my nails slightly. But it wears like iron (I was out camping and hiking and after four days there was barely any wear at all!). This is drop dead gorgeous green, and I don't have anything else like it in my collection.

Review by pinktulip: This looks great on my toenails and is a cheery green for spring. I didn't want shimmer, and this just has a teeny bit of fine shimmer but not enough to be noticeable when it's on. It's not enough to be visible but just adds some dimensionality. Because it's a bit of an unusual green and a subtle one at that, it looks like a designer color for 2.99. Thank you Sally Hansen for selling nail color at a not-jacked-up price! I really don't want to pay 8 if I don't have to.

Review by ZoSo: Love this nail polish! First off, the consistency is awesome. It goes on really well- smoothly, not runny, 2 coats does the job. Sounds simple, but I can't say that for even more expensive nail polish! And this was so cheap! The color is awesome too- nothing dull about this shade of green. It's a medium green but a little brighter. Creme finish,a little bit of fine shimmer but that isn't as noticeable. Very cute color, and different than my other green polishes. Love this line!

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Revlon Revlon Red

Review by clnfox: Love the colour in the bottle and that is wear the love ends. I find one coat is quite sheer and it requires at least three coats for me to achieve the desired vibrant colour that I like. Plus the dry time is forever and this seems to chip quite quickly too. Wouldn't repurchase, better quality polishes available that offer a similar colour.

Review by tambien: think of the color red. that is the exact shade of this polish. the shade reminds me of a red paint for kids color which bothers me a little. i prefer darker reds, but its not terrible. without a topcoat it chips very easily though. not my favorite color

Review by sophie_tan: Took a while to chip off of me, but it also stained my nails for a while so mind your undercoat. Pretty bright red color, looked good. Application wasn't streaky or painstaking for me.

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OPI A Ruby for a Rudolph

Review by bebejacket: This is a gorgeous, really festive sparkly red. Part of the holiday in toyland collection 2008, it is a beautiful deep, christmassy red with loads of very fine red and gold microshimmer. It applied perfectly, 2 coats achieving bottle colour, and with a base and topcoat the wear is brilliant (has survived work is for me is a huge achievement). It is one of my all time favourite polishes, stunning (particularly around christmas time!)

Review by lorraine07: This red reminds me of Christmas. It looks good and is a true winter red. I apply two coats to achieve bottle colour, with a top coat it lasts well. As with OPI, it goes on smooth and is streak free.

Review by francesca39: I was overall disappointed in this one. I loved the name, and it is a pretty color but it chipped so quick within a day or so of putting it on.

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