which is the best nail polish?3 popular nail polishs compare

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By Fiora

which is the best nail polish?Let's see the 3 popular nail polishs compare!


China Glaze Heaven

Review by GreeneyedGal: This is basically a clear topcoat with some color with 1 or 2 coats. With three coats it's still slightly sheer, but is does have pigment. "Pearl" is the only word that comes to mind, it seems to describe this color perfectly.
The reason I'm giving this a 4 instead of a 3 is that this might be a good color for those that like sheer shades, but it doesn't have enough BAM for me. If I want a lighter shade, I just go with OPI Have A Tempura Tan-trum, which is also perfect for 'natural' french manis.

Review by belladoggie00: I normally do not like sheers but I have been really into doing funky french manicures lately and this is becoming one of my favorite toppers. It's pretty subtle - a shimmery nude, which allows the funky tips to really stand out. It does lighten and add shimmer when layered over creme finishes. One downside though is that you have to mind your brush strokes otherwise it goes streaky. I didn't like this at first but I'm glad I gave it a second chance but it's definitely and acquired taste.

Review by mworley00: Very pretty color. I was looking for a nude but did not want it to be too white. This color does the trick. I love wearing it with acrylic nails.

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OPI St Petersburgundy

Review by belle2216: I actually really like this color. It's a very red, medium toned color. It also has lots of shine and really stands out. I had this color done around the time of Christmas and it was the perfect color.

Review by glossgal_01: This is a deep, rich color with a touch of chocolate to my eyes, but it's streaky going on as some OPIs are. Like some other reviewers, I needed three coats for full coverage and I'd rather not. So even though it's a great shade for winter, I can't help but think there's a similar shade out there in a better formula. Will not repurchase.

Review by pretty_please: Excellent deep burgundy. Perfect for the fall and winter!

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Sally Hansen INSTA-DRY in Cinna-snap (18)

Review by Leelee57: Such a sexy color. That is the best way to describe it. Its a super vampy red. The color you see in the bottle is misleading though. It looks a bit browner once you apply two coats. One coat was quite red. Two had people asking if my varnish was brown. It dries really fast. The brush is excellent. I personally don't think one swipe does it it doesn't get all the corners and whanot but I have only used this on my toes. I can't. It dries pretty fast. Its a solid dry too its not the kind where my nail smudges two hours later. Its sooooo shiny. Thats the thing people most complemented me on. Its a super glossy shellacked finish. I love this polish. The price is awesome too!

Review by Farra: LOVE this product. A makeup guru made a fall favorite video and this color was in it and later that morning when I went to walgreens to pick up some eyedrops the sally hansen products were on SALE. :) So I picked up this color for about 4.50 and another deep plum color for the half off price. I love both the colors soo so much, I'll be wearing them all the time when fall comes around. The brush is BIG which I love, I actually did my nails in the car! One swipe on each nail covered them perfectly! And they dried in under 2 minutes. I'm a new Instra Dry fan now! :) This is a purchase I'm glad I made 100% times over!! :D

Review by nina: I bought this hoping for a deep, blood red like it looks in the bottle because I like dark reds, but I was quite disappointed. Unlike the other colours I've tried in the same line (Rapid Red, Mauve It), it took 3 coats for decent coverage (and even then, it wasn't perfect), and by then the colour had turned to more of a rusty brown. Not at all the colour I was hoping for, and not at all flattering against the pale skin on my fingers or toes. And with that many coats, and a base coat (to prevent staining with such a dark colour) and a top coat (which I wear with every polish), it was a lot of polish and no longer dried quickly, defeating the selling point of this line of polish.
I would not recommend.

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