which is the best nail polish?3 good nail polishs reviews

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By Monica

which is the best nail polish?Let's see the 3 good nail polishs reviews!


Essie Perky Purple

Review by Bonnie2842: I just applied this today and absolutely adore the color! Even though the brush is a bit skinny, the formula applies wonderfully. As mentioned in other reviews, you will need a top coat, because the dried finish is a matte that looks nothing like the color in the bottle. One top coat and you're glossy and bright! No comment on how long lasting it is yet though, hopefully I'll have an update in a few days.

Review by almighty_curv: Wow, this is gorgeous! I don't have many purples in my stash that get this much love but I adore neons and this one is just perfect. Its a deep but neon bright purple with a bit of a magenta tone, no its not pinky purple or purpley pink its a true reddish purple. This applied soooo well, the other Essie neons are 3 coaters for me but this one was perfect in 2 coats. As with all neons they dry matte (you have to add a shiny topcoat, but I would be adding a topcoat anyway so yeah) and the first coat pretty much always ends up looking insanely streaky (don't panic, just add the second coat and all is well). This is a great polish, go Essie!

Review by jamelia: This is my pedicure choice at my nail salon. I get tons of compliments on my toes! I don't think it's at all neon but it is a bright fushia-purple color that is neither too pink nor too purple.
Another Essie color that I am constantly stopped by strangers to get the name of. Thankfully I bought a bottle to have in my stash when the nail salon runs out of theirs.

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OPI Ocean Love Potion

Review by beckibabe: This is such a nice color for summer! I have used it on my hands and feet, it looks good on my fair skin but also nice when you get tan.

Review by ZoSo: I was heading to mexico for vacation and having my pedicure done when I saw Ocean Love Potion on the shelf - O.k the name got me first - I was excited to find a name so fitting of my upcoming vacation - I must say I am NOT a blue/green nailpolish person,-usually french on hands and a color on toes (I am in my late thirties) - But I took the plunge and had my toes done in this - it matched the color of the ocean and sky in mexico and one of my bikinis perfectly - a beautiful seafoam green. It looks great with a tan and people loved it.It's a fun color to wear when your out having a good time for an evening -or vacation - a little unexpected kick on your toes.

Review by LuiLui: I LOVE this product. First I applied OPI's base coat, applied with quick dry drops. Put on one layer of Ocean Love Potion. Applied another layer of quick dry drops and finished with Opi Traffic Stopper Copper Top Coat. My nails look amazing, It's a long lasting product and was able to finish my nails in 6 mins! I continually get compliments.

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Zoya Elodie

Review by bunnyrabbit: Wow, this was really pretty on Zoya's website and on the nail polish bloggers but man was it NOT nice on me, Maybe my skin is too dark...but I have yet to find an orange nail polish that compliments my skin. I gave it to my mom.

Review by Ellz: The Zoya website describes Elodie (named for a character on MTV's "The Hills") as a "bold, poppy cream." I describe it as gorgeous. It's this great mix of pink and melon tones and it's not too orange. I'm pretty fair, so I was a little worried before I actually applied it, but it's really flattering! This shade is fun for summer, but I think you could probably wear it to work. I have gotten so many compliments from complete strangers, and you can't beat the Zoya formula. With a good top coat, it lasts me several days, and I can put some wear and tear on a mani.

Review by kat_25: This is a great color, but I cannot stand Zoya polishes. Every one I got last year for their recycle program I did not like. I chips easily, goes on unevenly, and takes forever to dry. . . For the price I'd rather spend the extra 2 (or 2 less if it is on sale) and by Sephora by OPI because they have awesome colors that dry quickly and last a long time.

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