which is the best nail polish?3 good nail polishs review

By Vicky

which is the best nail polish?Let's see the 3 good nail polishs review!


Essie Shindig

Review by sleepyone: OH. Wow. This shade is GORGEOUS! switches from coral/peach to coral/pink in different lighting..and just seems to glow on my nails. The shade is very similar to OPI Strawberried in The Sand, but more opaque and without the pink flash. the shimmer also has a subtle sparkle that's not evident in SITS. true love for me :)

Review by shimmering: This is a shimmery pink/coral, light on the coral side. The application was very smooth and I got just enough coverage with two coats. Its very similar in color to OPI Strawberried in the Sand and OPI Up the Amazon without a Paddle, if you're looking for either of those and can't find them. This looks great on tips, but its a little light for my taste for a pedi color though.

Review by shopgirl087: Shindig is GORGEOUS!!!! It looks soo beautiful when applied---it's a medium pink w/coral (absolutely no orange/peach tones in this) with a pearly lustre that goes on smooth and a vivid yet subtle pink/red iridescence. The formula of this Essie n/p goes on smooth. 1 coat of Shindig is slightly sheer, 2 coats make it opaque. HG nailpolish.

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China Glaze Mistletoe Kisses

Review by staci01: Gorgeus colour! Looks great with black crackle over the top!

Review by tambien: I just got this the other day because I love the color, I havent tried it on my nails yet but it seems like it will apply the same as dorthy who, if it does I will have to up my review to 5

Review by Cristy1970: This color is a gorgeous green with silvery/white sparkles. Reminds me of a snowy Christmas tree. Absolutely LOVE this polish. Highly recommend for the upcoming holidays. Very pretty.

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Chanel Paparazzi

Review by Stampy_76: I agree 100% with ShanghaiSweetie, Chanel polishes never disappoint me either. I get consistant 2-coat coverage, great colors and long wear.
I just applied Paparazzi as a pedi and it is just gorgeous. I used 2 coats, but the coverage was so good, one coat would have been just beautiful. A warm pink with a touch of subtle shimmer, I find it surprisingly neutral in tone so it would work very well for tips too. This one is going to get used alot this summer!

Review by Olive143: I just put this on, and already I want to take it off. bleh! dries to a barely glossy finish...more of a matte than anything. uneven color. the color itself is very boring....like if my grandma wanted to wear a pink polish. it isn't flattering at all. :( for this outrageous price I am definitly returning it!

Review by kimberpoo: Man, do I love this color. Its the perfect spring or summer pink nail polish. I've got it on my toes, but plan on wearing it on my fingers as well. Its sort of a fresh neutral rosy pink with slight milky pearl. I tried it on one of my nails at the store along with several other shades and went back the same day to get Paparazzi. Its just sort of fun, playful and pretty without being too little girly. Its an adult pink. Love it. I keep finding Chanel stuff I love. Gah. 18 at Saks. Edit: Who am I kidding? Its pink nail polish, so yes, its a little girly. But I still love it. Great color.

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