which is the best mascara?3 top mascara

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By Stella

which is the best mascara?Let's see the 3 top mascara !


Essence Multi Action Mascara

Review by Cristy1970: Love, love it! Everytime I wear this mascara, people ask if I'm wearing false lashes. It gives me the same look as Lancome lash primer plus L'Extreme mascara. It's a great alternative for only 4. I purchased it at Ulta.

Review by cperry: Essence is available in Europe for quite some time now, it is one of the cheaper brands here. The multi-action mascara is the most sold mascara from Essence. This mascara gives you long separate lashes without clumps or flakiness. The formula is on the thin/liquid side at the beginning but it settles after a couple times of use. I don't buy expensive mascaras anymore because this one does it's job! Perfect as a everyday mascara and you can't beat the price!!

Review by lipstik: This is one of the best mascaras that i ever had. Not only that i would purchase again, i WILL purchase again. You can′t beat the price, very cheap, and the quality is excellent. Never clumped, flaked or dried, and gives loads of volume, color and length.

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Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

Review by oneofmylies99: This has become a staple product for me from the moment I started using it. I always thought I had sparse lower lashes. This mascara has shown me that I have many fine, tiny lashes.
The brush is great for catching small lashes on your lower lash line as well as the inner corner upper lashes. It's a great price at 10 as many drugstore mascaras are this price or close to it and don't work half as well on lower lashes. I will say that the formula is a bit wet so some may need to get used to that - I personally love it.
I highly recommend this product to everyone. It made me want to look at other Clinique products.

Review by dontblink15: I bought this yesterday in black/brown. My reason for trying this isn't for the bottom lashes though. I wanted it for my eyebrows!! But I tried it on my bottom lashes and it's nice. I like the idea of having a not quite so black colour on my bottom lashes since they are long enough already and I just want them to be a little more defined than their lighter brown natural colour. The teeny brush IS great for brows too though and the black/brown colour is not black at all. Dark brown to thicken and darken my too light brows that never match my hair no matter how many times I try to tint them. So yay! For 12 CAD I will definitely repurchase. I'm sure this tiny, cute, silver tube with a flower design will last quite a long time too.

Review by Capprii: This product looks faintly ridiculous - like a dolls mascara. But the price is lower to match, which is a big plus.
I have invisible lashes, and only bought it because it wasn't expensive. I was sceptical. But it gives you twiggy lashes! I had absolutely no idea that I even had such long lashes on the bottom.
But of course any mascara can coat your bottom lashes. But this stuff is a tubing mascara and does.not.budge.
The only con is that it's v. wet, and may get onto your skin whilst you're applying. But since it stays wet, you can wipe it off without any residue.

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Yves Saint Laurent Luxurious Mascara - Burgundy

Review by ckgurl714: This is my favorite mascara out there. It is not noticably burgundy but shows up in the light. It goes with any eye shadow and does not make you look sick or tired like you may think. It's really worth the investment.

Review by blueaygi: The best thing about this mascara, for me, was the color. I have dark lashes and dark brown eyes, and I felt the burgundy really suited my coloring. I loved it.
On the con side, it is expensive, and it didn't last that long. But it made my lashes so thick and long. I love it as a day mascara. Since the color is so rich, you can wear it without eyeliner. I would also recommend for hazel eyes.
I will purchase again.

Review by bebejacket: I mostly love this mascara. I love the color, which makes my blue eyes seem more blue, and look more open. At first, there is too much product coming out on the brush, but after a week or so, that gets better. I like that it comes off with only water, but also wish it stayed put a little better, and didn't weigh my lashes down so much. *sigh* Still, it is LUXURIOUS!!

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