which is the best makeup brushes?3 top makeup brushess reviews

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By Sara

which is the best makeup brushes?Let's see the 3 top makeup brushess reviews!


MAC 109 Small Contour Brush

Review by cgosyne: I orginally bought this for brush application, which is not what I've been using it for. I thought it was what I wanted in a blush brush, but this is incorrect. I now use it for all my contouring. the blush brush I have been using in it's place it the ELF studio blush brush... of all things... ha!
However the 109 will always remain my favorite contouring brush.

Review by OutofControl: This is my HG blush brush. First, it's much smaller and denser than your typical blush brush. You can get such precision!!! This just applies the right amount of blush and blends like a dream. NARS use to have one that was identical (but it is discontinued). Also, the hairs are very soft (but dense) and doesn't shed (I've had mine for almost 3 years, and it's in mint condition). A must have!!!

Review by CancerianPrincess: BUY THIS NOW. This sucker is amazing. It might not look like much - but it is amazing. It's small, densely packed hairs are like magic. This is a must have brush. You can use it for foundation or contouring/highlighting (even the sides of your nose) or precise blush - it's a multi-tasker for sure. it works better with product for me than the 168. I would by this again in a second. It's wonderful!!!! I've used it every day since I bought it - it instantly took over my daily routine and I love the looks that I can achieve with it. - don't know how to use it... there are tons of videos on youtube... or use it instead of the 129 or 168 or 187 or 188 - depending on the job...

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Bobbi Brown Touch Up Brush

Review by liselise1: A staple in my brush kit. I use it to sweep out the concealer that gets stuck in the crease under my eyes (I let my bobbi concealer sit for 5 minutes first). I haven't seen another brush like it.

Review by edie4711: This is my first BB brush and I am amazed by the quality of BB brushes.Now I want more BB brushes LOL.This is amazing!Perfect brush for concealers,eyeshadows,cream bases everything! I totally loved it with multi-use.yT YS WORTH THE price and better quality than mac brushes.

Review by kitkat85: Hmm. A so so brush in this usually reliable line. It's a nice dome shaped brush, made from white goat hair. The brush is firm and the bristled cut tapered so it keeps it's shape. The intended purpose is for 'foundation and concealer touch-ups around the nose and mouth'. I personally wouldn't use a natural hair brush for application of cream based products. I prefer synthetic taklon. It's an OK eyeshadow brush but then looks so mucky when used. I can leave this one. *UPDATE* this is now a staple eyeshadow brush for me. It's great for packing on colour for a strong colour look. It's comparable to MAC's 239 brush, but slightly less full. However, it still sucks as a foundation or concealer brush which is what Bobbi intended it for

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Shu Uemura Natural Brush 4F (sable)

Review by JT14: Hands down the smallest brush I have ever seen. A little handmade piece of perfection!! This tiny gem of a brush is made out of natural sable and has a flat tip. It is very soft but still firm enough to draw a good line. This is the best brush ever for doing very fine eyeliner; it makes getting into the corner of your upper eyelid so much easier. Great for powder (wet or dry), cream, and liquid products. I love how the handle is contoured to fit your hand ? wider at the base and then narrowing towards the tip. I highly recommend this brush and am very surprised that mine is the first review for it; I expected it to be a lot more popular!! Definitely check this brush out!!

Review by jlinh2u: I'll add to the excellent reviews and just say that this is the best eyeliner brush I've ever used, hands down. I love it so much that I took it to my local hardware store and had them saw off the end of the handle so that it's shorter, [easier to handle for me and now fits into the Trish planner that I sometimes use to carry my non-Trish makeup.] This brush is just the right size to line, smudge and blend any type of eye liner, I've tried many and would be lost without it.

Review by moth: Absolutely great!!!Highly recommended for perfectionists that want control and precision.
The sable hairs make great use of your eyeliner and don't "waste" it because they absorb much more than f.i. nylon.
I bought this after buying Bobbi Brown's Eye liner brush which was gigantic and no good!

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