which is the best loose powder?3 recommended loose powder

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By Stella

which is the best loose powder?Let's see the 3 recommended loose powder !


RCMA Invisible Setting Powder

Review by Alexis: Love this product, but it's hard to find.

Review by leeyao: Since I love their foundation, I thought I would love the powder but was disappointed. When applied, this powder looked whitish over my RCMA Shinto 2 makeup. I didn't like the look at all - it didn't look natural so I trashed it. Still love the makeup though.

Review by lorraine07: I have had this powder for a while and I have decided to shop in my stash instead of buying new products. I have been eyeing the Prep and Prime powder from MAC and decided to give this a try since I already have it!...LOL The powder works well for me. I use it to set my MAC Face and Body foundation. It doesn't make my dry which is good for my skin. It doesn't give a white cast even though I am AA. I also spritz my face with Fix+, however I do that with all my powders. For the price, I would repurchase!

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NARS Loose Powder Beach

Review by Jennybear: I use this as the base for my bare minerals foundation and it makes my application absolutely flawless and it's also good with keeping the shinies away.

Review by kjjamm808: Love this stuff! Beach matches my skin perfectly. I love how finely milled this powder is. Flawless. I apply it with my MAC 187 after applying my DIOR Nude Skin Hydrating foundation and my skin looks amazing. This will last forever! Love it. Best loose powder I have ever tried.

Review by Erin: For an oily skinned gal, I found this powder mediocre. The finish (in the first half an hour) is beautifully velvety and provides an "air brush" illusion. For my MAC NC25-30/EL DW Light #3/EL DW Sand skin, I found that beach blends in well and doesn't give that "chalky" or "powdery" look that one gets with most loose powders or powder makeup in general. However, I found that this did not control my oil as well as I'd expect it to so therefore, this does not fulfill its function (IMO). For 34, I will not be keeping this and will be returning it to Sephora.

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Review by kimmie578: You get a buttload of loose powder from NARS. I won't have to re-purchase until I'm 60 years old (currently 33). I transferred a little bit to a sifter container and have tons left over for future use. I use this to set my makeup or TM daily and it works like a charm. It's a nice color match and doesn't make me look crazy matte. If I use a brush, it's only so-so at controlling my oils, but if I use the puff and press it into my skin, it does a very nice job with conrolling oil. Overall, a great buy.
***UPDATE***I switched to Becca Loose Powder in Wheat. It has a much finer texture, controls my oils better than NARS and can be applied as needed without caking.

Review by runtagua: One of the few times I give the packaging a 1. Despite of the great finely milled powder and generous amount/affordable price, the packaging is a nightmare. But this is easily countered, just get a new sifter or use an old one from other brand, and its all good to go.

Review by jules2064: this is the best loose powder, but I'm still looking for my HG. it's the right color, and it's nicely milled. there's so much of it too! it's awesome how much there is.
EDIT: Cornsilk by Sally Hansen is way better. It doesn't cake, it lasts longer, and the color is perfectly translucent.

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