which is the best loose powder?3 good loose powder

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By Helen

which is the best loose powder?Let's see the 3 good loose powder !


Boots No. 7 Perfect Light Portable Loose Powder

Review by kimby83: I was looking for a new compact face powder for my purse and stumbled on this - wow! This powder looks very natural on and comes in a perfect portable tube with the brush in it that makes it so easy to carry in my purse mu bag. It is also fragrance free which is another plus. Will repurchase when I run out!

Review by fuxxy: Ladies in the UK, look no further for the perfect loose powder!! I have tried them all and this is far and away the best...very natural, no caking and sets my make up perfectly. I have the worst skin type either, oily and flaky simultaneously, but this sets my foundation perfectly. Been using it for 12 years plus...please don't discontinue it!!

Review by maribebe: A perfect find when I was looking for a way to transport my loose powder with me. The translucent powder is nice, but I'm not a fan of the way it brushes on. After tapping the powder through the brush from the bottom, I brush it over my face, only to find myself in a cloud of powder. It could be due to the quality of the brush (the bristles are a bit stiff and coarse)

I like the idea, but find it hard to get proper coverage with the way the powder goes on with this brush. One great thing about this brush, is that it's refillable.

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Chanel Poudre Cristalline

Review by lipstik: I really wanted to like this. After my Chanel primer and foundation, I pat this on my face with the given puff. Instead of what it promises to deliver, what I get is splotchy uneven color on my face. It's as if I didn't apply my foundation evenly and I get grayish areas here and there. My skin did not look bright at all! I just don't get it. It just doesn't work well on my skin. And I've tried more than 20 times and each time, it's the same thing!!!! I even tried using my brush too but to no avail. It's pretty expensive for such a disappointing product. Will not purchase again. Back to the Poudre Universelle Compact it is!!

Review by AimeeO: I really wanted to like this as it cost me a fortune, but it left my skin dull and lifeless - not bright at all! I didn't use it with the puff, and as I need to apply powder to my whole face to keep my makeup falling off I was left looking white and pale. Disappointed

Review by misswillow: It works perfectly on my dark skin, very fine!

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Agnes B. Radiant Loose Face Powder

Review by Leelee57: This is a cheap face powder and feels like it. It is so coarse as to be almost crunchy, and is hard to apply evenly. It is also quite visible after application unless really pressed in firmly. And the container is rather cheap and nasty. Loose powder lasts so long that I think it's worth spending money to get a good one - which this isn't. It's a false economy which can spoil the finish of even an expensive foundation, so I won't be using again.

Review by marsqurine: I use the baby pink color and iI adore it. It smells nice but not overpowering. It gives my face a slight rosy glow and it feels very clean.

Review by Susie31: This is an average face powder. I recieved it free with my CCB Paris order. It does have a scent to it, but it's not too strong.

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