which is the best lipstick?3 recommended lipsticks

By Helen

which is the best lipstick?Let's see the 3 recommended lipsticks !


MMU Cosmetics Crema Lipstick

Review by blacklittlepig: I love, love, love this lipstick. I have the color Andrea, which is a fleshy, creamy, yellow-toned pink/beige. It looks SO good on, neutral yet enhancing, and can complement natural makeup, or be used to offset dramatic eyes. It lasts a long time on, too. The only drawback, and it's not a big one, is there is a slight scent to the lipstick, but it's nothing near the old Revlon or Loreal stinky-smells, so it's not that big a deal. If a lipstick has a scent, however, I want it to be a good one. Otherwise, this lipstick is fab, and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Review by pinktulip: Oh! I just *love* this lipstick! It is rich, creamy, moisturizing, long-lasting.... every cliched adjective a girl could possibly want! I have this in Isabetta, which is a beautiful mauve/rose shade. I will certainly repurchase this *and* try other shades as well--- the colors are simply gorgeous. Brava!

Review by pretty_please: I have "Flora" which is a pretty rosey color, quite natural looking. I would prefer a sleeker, slimmer packaging, but the product still is pretty good. It doesn't have the nasty lipstick scent and applies easily. Good staying power, though I would prefer it to be even more moisturizing.

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Clinique Color Surge Bare Brilliance Lipstick Bronze Star

Review by YolandaMC: This was the first Clinique lipstick that I ever purchased... and I purchased it two years ago... and since I've gone through a couple of tubes.... its the best lipstick ever!

Review by Sybil84: I generally don't care much for the Clinique line, but this ahade pleasantly surprised me. When applied, it's a beautiful shimmery nude and not at all as bronze as the name or swatch implies. This shade is wonerful for warm skin tones, especially in the summer months. While it only has average lasting power, it is very moisturizing.

Review by jules2064: Clinique makes great lipsticks. I tend toward warm colors and sheer tones but did not care for bronze star. It is a very sheer bronze with lots of coppery shimmer. On me, the shimmer is too much. I am giving it high marks because it is moisturizing and long lasting on me.

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Lancome Sheer Magnetic in Visionary

Review by sophie_tan: This is a pretty medum plummy brownish color that's sheer enough to look like a my lips but better color. Very nice and some opalescence so that it doesn't look "flat." Great everyday color.

Review by CancerianPrincess: Oh, I don't know what is going on. I don't know if my one and only favorite lipstick has been discontined. Well, I have had this lipstick for a while now and it has lasted. But now that I would like to repurchase it I can't find it. I wonder if is now under a different name. Oh well, this has to be the best shade of lipstick I have ever had in my life. It is a pinkish brown color. But I have never found another shade to look so good as this one. I think this lipstick would look good on just about any one. It is just beautiful,but sheer not heavy at all. And I loved the nice rose like scent it had. It complimented my fair medium skin color. I just love this color and hope I find it.

Review by scrapdoll: No problems with texture or scent. However, this light, glossy frosted plum was seriously frosted on me - it gave me 80s flashbacks. Even when I was wearing a plum colored shirt, the color wasn't working. I think it would be better on a blonde or a brunette, who looks good wearing pink clothing, instead of someone auburn/pale like me.

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