which is the best lipstick?3 recommended lipstick

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By Vicky

which is the best lipstick?Let's see the 3 recommended lipstick !


Bobbi Brown Lip Sheer-Plum

Review by moth: I'm not quite sure how they did it, but the feel of this see-thru lipstick is so creamy! I absolutely love it. The color looks like YLBB in a slightly deeper, more polished way. The look is very natural and I like that it has a soft sheen instead of being shiny. It makes the lips feel soft and it is longer lasting than other lipsticks oddly enough and it only takes one swipe to get the sheer, perfect color that I'm looking for. Plum is a good, neutral reddish hint of tint.

Review by quantumkitten: I wear a full face of makeup (eye shadow, blush, eyeliner, mascara, foundation) but I have difficulty wearing lipstick. I feel funny with dark colors and lip gloss has to be applied so often I forget to keep doing it. So, when I saw these lip sheers I was excited to try it. I LOVE this!! Plum is just enough to make my lips look like they have color but it's not drastic. These feel great on and they look good under gloss if I put on gloss. They are expensive, but to me it's worth it.

Review by Cordelia: My favourite lipstick ever and I just discovered it has been discontinued. I am devastated. This is very similar to Black Plum by Clinique. But this has deeper blood colour to it that the Clinique one.

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Stila Wacky Chick Lipstick

Review by aguskl: I kept seeing this on everyone's wishlist so I went out and bought it, thinking how wonderful it was going to be, but I would say it is just average. Average staying power, average color. It looks almost just like my lips, it's probably a little too sheer for me. I am surprised it doesn't look better on me because I am warm toned and wear a lot of peachy/orangey lipsticks. I wouldn't buy it again and this may be up for swap soon.

Review by catlover9_9: On me, Wacky Chick is a semi-sheer, light/medium-toned, slightly bright, rosey/apricot pink, with soft gold shimmer...a complex shade, which will look a bit different on everyone. It's more on the warm-toned side, but it is *not* orangey or brown, so it can work for a cool-toned gal, too(like me!). It's one of those shades that really brightens the face! The texture is smooth, moisturizing, and leaves a glossy finish. It will look best with neutral or warm m/u, rather than cool. I like to pair it with a very soft and subtle champagney or taupey shimmery eye, and pinky/peachy cheeks. Wacky Chick gives a nice amount of pigment against my light(LLL) skintone. I like this color, but I'm not going to buy a second(it's LE), as it won't be an everyday shade for me. I agree with Cora(below), this will make a fabulous summer shade!

Review by Loriwong: I really like this product but must contradict myself by saying I don't find it special enough to buy again. The color is a pretty peachy-based pink with a tiny amount of shimmer. I think anyone could get away with this color and look great ( I myself am blonde, blue-eyed, and a PPP/LLL). However, my complaints: It's very sheer, which for me translates into not-so-long-lasting. Of course the fact that it's 16.50 for a brown (BROWN!?) cardboard tube isn't so great either. Overall, I'm glad I got it and tried it, but it's not anything you can't get anywhere else cheaper.

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MAC Vegas Volt

Review by cweiss: I ordered this in the mail, so I didn't get to try it on prior to buying it. I was really excited when I got it, but was unfortunately let down when I tried it on. The lipstick itself is a pretty color, and has nice staying power, but on me...it just did not look good. I am quite fair and have a mixture of yellow and pink undertones so it didn't compliment me at all. I was hoping this would have more of a pink hue to it but it was pretty much just a bright coral. I'm sure it works great with other people and probably better with tanned skin. I will be exchanging this for another color. I'm a big fan of MAC lipsticks so will be looking forward to finding that other color!

Review by ckgurl714: This is going to be so hot later in the summer when I actually get uber bronzed...I bought it today and I am still pretty pasty. So I put on a lot of bronzer to see how it would look and I love it. I never thought I could do the orange-ish types, but it works. I honestly think it's a true coral though. I will say I'm not going to wear it until I have a tan...I think the tan is a must and then it looks amazing. I put a tiny bit of clear gloss or lip balm on UNDER it, and it helps to mute it a bit. There have been some reviews that I have read that say it's too opaque, and the gloss under trick worked pretty well for me. I don't do lip brushes so that was my trick to disperse the color a little better. It is a gorgeous color and the only thing I am sad about is that I can't wear it year round!

Review by Cristy1970: Gorgeous coral colour, great colour pay off, non-shimmer. Pulls a bit pink on me, I am an Asian NC35, but I have fairly plummy lips to start with. Wears off after maybe 3 hrs? But after 4.5 I can still see some colour. Only con is that like other MAC lipsticks I have tried it is a bit drying, so lip balm is a must. Besides that though I am happy with it.

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