which is the best lipstick?3 good lipsticks

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By Fiora

which is the best lipstick?Let's see the 3 good lipsticks !


NARS Tanganyka

Review by gogoamy: This looks like a deep brick red in the tube, but it's an illusion. This sheer formulation goes on as a YLBB medium plummy brown. I don't wear lipstick as a rule because it tends to look unnatural. This looks amazing! I can't wait to try more of NARS's sheer offerings.

Review by Erin: I bought this about a year ago in autumn when all the berry shades were in fashion, I didn't think I could wear berry shades with my pale, freckled complexion but went to the Nars counter anyway. This colour is perfect - a good sheerish not too strong lipstick, ideal for fair skin, so you don't look freaky or a goth or anything! The SA also introduced me to Shakedown eyeliner (a gorgeous colour and great on my blue/grey eyes. The only gripe is that Nars lipsticks can come away from the packaging, leaving the white inside rim exposed but the lipstick hasn't broken on me because of this so will let pass. Would purchase again if I ran out but I don't use it all that much, I alternate my lipsticks and now is not autumn time!

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: I LOVE THIS LIPSTICK!! It's looks horribly dark in the package, but once you slid it on you'll see it's a perfect berry gloss more then then a lipstick. It works on my dark hispanic complexcion without making me look too done-up. It's the just-bitten-my-lips look. Great product!!

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Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick in Sheer Sangria

Review by moth: This is my first Avon lipstick and I love it. I bought it because JDempsey designed the new colors and it was half off! You can't beat that. What a great lipstick. It seems bright in my bathroom, but in daylight it is a perfect wine/berry sheer stain that is fabulous. It wears well and is very moisturizing. I have gotten many compliments on this lippy. Out of all the new sheer colors, this one seemed the most wearable for a variety of skin tones. Highly recommend.

Review by aznbebebabe: This Sangria colour is very flattering to most skin types. It makes my teeth look whiter and is a reddish colour without being a true red.
I paid 2.99 Cdn each. I purchased a second one while available. Currently not available in the Avon books.

Review by julie9536: This is from the Jillian Dempsey Sheer Spring Collection. Sheer Sangria reminds me alot of a lighter brick red shade version of Clinique's Black Honey and a bit more rich in the lipstick consistency. Out of the four lipstick shades in the Sheer Spring collection this is my favorite. This has a nice not - too-heavy consistency and also has a slight fruity taste to it but is in no way annoying. Will be buying this shade again when I run out if it's still available.

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Clinique Moisture Sheer in Silver Pink

Review by askewchick: Very pretty light shimmery pink. Slightly cool toned. I generally look better in shades with a little more warmth but this works for me even so. I like this one a lot as a winter shade--sort of an *icy* pink.

Review by aml1: This is one of my favorite shades. I have fair-medium
skin that tends to be pale in winter. This is a year-round
shade for me; plus it moisturizes, which is great in
the summer and winter as well.

Review by Farra: Gorgeous sheer baby pink lipstick with silver shimmer (sorry, I am repeating the below reviewers!). It looks fabulous on my slightly tanned face and creates a perfect summer look. SPF is also a big plus! It's moisturizing but has very little staying power for which I am taking one lippie off. Another complaint is that it's really tiny.
Ah well, I love it anyway and would buy it again :-)
Unfortunately the whole moisture sheer lipstick range is being discontinued and they are working on a new one as I have been told today. I hope they are going to come out with something as good or even better!

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