which is the best lipstick?3 effective lipsticks

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By Stella

which is the best lipstick?Let's see the 3 effective lipsticks !


Lancome Jezebel

Review by Jessimau: I got this as GWP so its one of those that got segregated with the "novelty" lippies at the back of my makeup drawer. Jezebel is a very deep, very pigmented, purple burgundy shade. Fair-skinned me looks atrocious in a color like this, but I am keeping it around in the event I should decide to go gothic priestess with my image : )
I'm giving this a two because it's a nice formula, and because I like the name. Jezebel--I could see some bold seductress wearing this. . .

Review by cloud0204: Jezebel is absolutely fantastic! what a beautiful deep wine/red lipstick! It glides on the lips like butter and the smell is heavenly (I happen to love lipstick fragrance). This is not a shade for the shy at all, but if you love strong lip colors and feel confident that it makes you look gorgeous than this is for you. I'm an NC20, olive-toned skin and I LOVE strong lippies from time to time. Although Lancome is not a cheap brand I would definetly buy more of their lipsticks (and blushes) because the ones I have tried so far have pleased me.

Review by sleepyone: Jezabel is a beautiful wine color that works great with my C4 complexion. I only wore this a few times because I am not a dark lipstick wearer at all but I got it as a GWP so I am happy with it. The reviewer below is wrong: it's from the Rouge Sensation line.

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Chanel Aqualumiere #38 - Bora-Bora

Review by cperry: Bora-bora is just lovely. Very very pigmented for an aqualumiere lipstick, which tends to run extremely sheer. I LOVE chanel lipsticks - smooth, long-wearing for a lip colour, and beautiful complimentary shades for most skintones. Against my asian, nc30/c3, chanel 30 cendre skin, this looks like a bright, semi-frosty burnt coral-peach-gold. Quite dramatic for me, because i'm used to slightly more muted shades on my lips. I'm really enjoying this colour right now, as the weather is getting warmer and Spring has just arrived :) I would recommend this *especially* to gals who have a lovely tan!

Review by wunverdoll: The texture is light and silky,yet very long lasting.The colour(a gold-coral)is nice and looks great with my pale skin,brown hair and brown eyes.It feels like silk on my lips,it's not at all drying and I love the added SPF15.

Review by ciarar: This color looks really pretty on me under the yellow lights of department stores. I bought it in an instant. However, when I wore it to office the next day, I was horrified. IT'S WAY TOO ORANGE under white light for my pigmented lips. Not really moisturizing either. This one is going back to nordstrom.

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Cover Girl TruShine Wine Shine

Review by rebec75: I love the TruShine lipsticks. I even love the cute little silver tubes. I probably will not repurchase this color though. I was thinking it would look reddish brown on me. Somehow on me it is too cool toned and purple looking. I guess it's also a darker color than I really need. The texture of this is different than blushberry. It's not as shiny, but does have a little gold overspray too it. It stays on just great for a sheer lipstick. I might try to use up by sheering it out a bit.

Review by bossanovaville: Love this color, love this lipstick. This is comparable to very expensive dept. store lipsticks. Would buy again. You should try it.

Review by CancerianPrincess: At first I couldn't figure out CG's system for recommending TruShine shades for different skin tones. Why would a dark color like Wine Shine be recommended for pale girls and a lighter color like Mauve Shine be recommended for beauties of color? But, I do like a berry-toned lipstain, so I winged it and bought this. LOVE the color, a true neutral berry-brown that can be built up from a very natural-looking tint to full-on strong color. I took off one lippie because I don't think these are shinier than any other lipstick. If you want a point of comparison, this shade is less red and more brown than "Black Honey." It closely resembles Revlon "Chocolate Cherry."

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