which is the best lipstick?3 effective lipstick reviews

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By Tifanny

which is the best lipstick?Let's see the 3 effective lipstick reviews!


Maybelline Color sensational - coral pop

Review by JT14: Coral Pop is the PERFECT Spring/Summer lipstick for me. It gives a beautiful,bright corally pink colour to my lips without being too over the top. It works well with my pale skin (NW15)as it isn't super bright that it washes me out and it would look amazing on darker skin tones.
The formula for the Colour Sensational lipsticks is good, it's moisturising enough and it lasts a few hours before needing reapplied or touched up but this is typical of most drugstore brands so it's not reall a problem for me.

Review by IMAproductwhore: I bought this on a whim for 15 - which is pretty average D/S over here. The colour is a bright reddish coral, perfect bright for spring or summer. I usually pair it with MAC Pink Bronze pigment. It has a fruity smell, not unpleasant at all. Texture is really smooth.

Review by IiIy: I really like this one lipstick from Maybelline, I usually don't buy lipstick by Maybelline but was really attracted by the color of this lipstick. Plus, it doesn't dry out my lips and doesn't leave a too shiny finish. It stays on pretty well too and the color is gorgeous, a bright coral color that is perfect for this summer. And I can put as much on as I want too, it's a lot cheaper that the other YSL and Estee Lauder lipsticks!

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Bobbi Brown Rosebud Shimmer Lipstick

Review by KateN: This is my favorite lip color for a dressy look with a smoky eye. It's a rose-beige with a ton of silver shimmer .. pale, but not a wash-out. An interesting blend of warm and cool. The color is similar to Bobbi's Rose Sugar gloss, but there's more shimmer here, less shine, and of course, no stickiness. (Good for when you expect to do some smooching!) I have this in both a standalone lipstick and in the Classic Face palette. I prefer the application from the tube; the palette version goes on more sheer. On the (slightly) down side, Bobbi's lipsticks, have a perfumy smell that I don't love. Also, her shimmery colors don't wear evenly. One night, I ended up with a hard-to-remove line of silver-gray along the top of my lower lip. So a piece of advice: When reappying, you may want to remove any lipstick that has built up before slicking on a new coat.

Review by oneofmylies99: Love this color, love the consistency, wish it was cheaper but it stays put for awhile. I don't like the scent much, kind of smells stale but it's HG!

Review by Carrie: This is a very sheer. I mean very sheer lipstick. Its a gorgeous, rosebud brownish shimmer. Lets the lips show through. Nice with clear gloss on top for a subtle lip.Very sexy.

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100 Percent Pure Lip Cream Stick

Review by sophie_tan: I LOVE this product. I am/was a 'long wearing lipstick' junkie. I used only buy the color stay type brands. I hate, hate, hate reapplying lipstick. I especially hate getting lipstick all over my cup. Ugh! This stick is the perfect in-between! It is very long wearing (I only have to reapply once or twice during the workday) and I LOVE that it's all natural with no chemicals. I have the naked berry and the color is awesome. It's pinkish, without being TOO pink. Love it, and would totally rebuy it.
I will say, that it does leave lipstick marks on my cup, but for the benefits, I'll endure the cup marks. ;)

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: I have been eyeing this product line for quite some time and finally decided to take the plunge with this lip pencil. I bought it in perfect naked berry which is a nice pinky red color. I LOVE this lip pencil! I apply it all over my lips even though I imagine some may use it primarily as a liner (why?). It's very creamy going on so it feels moisturizing. But, the best part is that it lasts and lasts. Also, it's free of lots of chemicals which is especially important to me in a lip product. This pencil will definitely be a staple in my makeup arsenal. I would highly recommend. My only concern is it's unclear how much product there is and how long the actual pencil lasts. I'll update with the answer.

Review by Lola_Bear: I have become a big fan of 100% Pure and these lip cream pencils are a big reason why. They are very pigmented and really stay on!! I am busy at work and don?t have a lot of time to reapply anything. I put this on and it both stays put--no bleediing--and lasts for hours?very few lipsticks can actually do that. They stay put even when I am drinking coffee! I bought all three colors and consider them a HG lip product. I like it too that they don?t contain any toxins. Read EWG?s report?many big name brands? lipsticks contain lead and since we basically eat whatever we put on our lips, I say 100% is the way to go!

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