which is the best lipstick?3 best lipsticks review

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which is the best lipstick?Let's see the 3 best lipsticks review!


BeneFit 24k Sexy Gold lipstick

Review by Capprii: i think i was expecting too much from this lipstick, i was thinking its going to be a nice frosty gold that actually goes on like a lipstick. i didnt realize its just a gloss, but they also made a 24kt gloss too so i dont know what the purpose was ( and by the way dont even waste your money on the gloss, id rather put on chapstick and it would show more). you cant see the lipstick at all and i love nude and gold and champage colors, and honestly i still havent found a lipstick better than mac for that ( gel, soft lust, brew, frou, tanarama, myth). dont waste your money on this stuff just cuz the tube is pretty i know thats why i bought it, and im keeping it just to have that gold lipstick on my purse but to use it as a gloss when i need it lol

Review by almighty_curv: This IS the most expensive lipstick I have ever purchased. Generally I go no more expensive then MAC. But, I'm a sucker for packaging. It is very sheer, but pretty. I wear it over a lipliner or other lipstick, and it gives a nice effect. I think I was looking for something with a little more oomph though. I'm glad it's in my collection, I'm holding onto it and I use it, but I wouldn't repurchase.

Review by JT14: I tried this on when I was browsing around at Sephora and instantly fell in love with the gold shimmer effect. I don't usually wear super pigmented lip colors anyway so the sheer gold color of this lipstick was exactly what I wanted. I like that it's subtle enough that you can wear it everyday and not have it be too in-your-face but look nice at the same time.

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Chanel Rouge Allure - Voluptuous

Review by AokiJ: Voluptuous is a complex mix of rosy/strawberry/bronzy colors with fine gold shimmer tossed in. Outstandingly beautiful. I don't own another lipstick this color and am amazed at how beautiful it is. This is as close to a "red" or a "dark" lipstick as I can wear and I am thrilled to have found it. Voluptuous looks *very* dark in the tube; it's a wonder I ever decided to try it at all. I drew a little stripe on my hand and was enchanted by the colors I saw and decided to give it a try. This was another one where the MAs who were gathered around said, "Ahhh!". I always let others help me make important decisions. :) Respectfully submitted, colormepink

Review by cgosyne: A beautiful cool red that I'm reaching for a lot this winter - a very wearable red even for ppp's, but it would probably look great on eveery skintone!

Review by misswillow: This lipstick has HG written all over it.
Voluptuous is a difficult colour to describe b/c it looks so different in the tube VS on. In the tube it looks like a bronzey brownish red with very fine gold microshimmer. On its just the prettiest more wearable reddish berry shade. The formula is soft, in my experience non drying and wears very well (no gathering at the edges) Big downside is of course price but you are paying for the brand.
I love the packaging.. Plain black tube with a click mechanism to release the lipstick. Very sophisticated.

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Avon NutraLush

Review by auth: Wonderfully pigmented lippies that have a smooth and shiny texture but are not greasy. Stain well too!

Review by kimberpoo: This stuff really does plump up my lips. I have it in Cocoa which is a great neutral shade. Wonderful lipstick to wear when you're going for a casual / subdued look. Did I mention it really does plump up my lips?? I love it!! =)

Review by guitarzan: Just bought this in "Sweet Lips," and although the color turned out to be alot brighter than it appears in the color swatch, I have grown very fond of this lipstick. It goes on sooo softly...I like applying it with a lip brush to get even coverage. I love the feel of this lipstick and would recommend it.

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