which is the best lipstick?3 best lipstick reviews

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which is the best lipstick?Let's see the 3 best lipstick reviews!


Revlon Raisin Rage

Review by askewchick: Unfortunately this lipstick color is no longer availabe in Canada. I did like it. One of the reiviewers commented that the Revlon lipsticks are sealed and I would like to add that I wish all cosmetic companies would do this. It ensures that no one has tampered with the product. Elizabeth Arden seals all the cosmetics in cellophane packaging, which I think is a good idea. When I mentioned this to one MA for a large cosmetic company she said that the company is trying to get away from that in reference to wasting paper. But they charge 24.50 to 34 USD for mascara. Surely for that price it should be wrapped in cellophane? They could cut down on some of the advertising they do, which is extenisve, and this way save on waste paper.

Review by shimmering: Revlon lipsticks have really come a long way!!! I love this color...sexy in a sweet way...brown reddish color....GORGEOUS!!!!

Review by isabellet: This is your standard, 90s brown lipstick. Too dark for my PPP face. However, I suspect that this would be a GORGEOUS YLBB on someone with dark skin.

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Giorgio Armani Lipstick Mania #3

Review by lorrainer07: GA l/s have fantastic texture, and this is no exception: silky and smooth like heaven. Unfortunately, this nude shade really washed me out and looked horrible on me. (For reference, I'm a PPP/LLL, brown hair and eyes) Well, the search for the perfect nude l/s goes on!

Review by catlover9_9: Initially, I was worried that Mania lipstick #3 would be too light for me. I was wrong! This is the perfect nude lipstick! It's a beautiful beige/pink that doesn't wash me out at all. For reference, I use Tarte Smooth Operator in Veil and would probably suit Mac C3 foundation (which I'd never use unless you paid me!lol). I also love to add Lip Shimmer #16 on top for extra oomph. Mania lipsticks are my fave! Not only is the formula top notch, but they also come in the most beautiful colours. I have no interest in other brands now that I have Armani. My poor, poor wallet.

Review by maribebe: Was disappointed in this lip color when I first got it home. Washed me out and looked a little grayish. I have found that if I apply lip shimmer #1 or shine lip gloss #1 over it--it turns into a fantastic nude color. The lip glosses made all the difference. Now the combo has become one of my staples. Perfect with a smokey eye.

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Tarte 24-7 Lipsheer- Champagne Brunch

Review by Vaniessa: Love this hybris lipstick/chapstick. Good for those days we want to be "natural" and for barely there makeup. this looks a little brownish on me im medium/olive skin. nice and smooth on the lips. i like it

Review by Cordelia: I really like this more than I thought that I would. First off, I love the packaging - a rose colored metal case that is very sleek looking. The color of the balm, when looking at it, reminds me very much of Blistex Lip Tone. This goes on more sheerly and less pink, it seems to me. The texture is thinner too, but even so, I don't feel that it's lacking any moisture. This lipsheer has a very pleasant vanilla-mint scent, but I don't detect a flavor. It also LASTS and LASTS, despite the thin texture. And as always, the fact that it has SPF 15 in it, scores hugely with me! Definate repurchase!

Review by tetrakis:
This is for the version with spf 15:
I so wanted to love this- nice color, great chapstick-like tube, spf... but the texture is odd and it has a strange off-mint taste. Not slick like a lipbalm, I found it easily got gummed-up on my lips, more like a matte lipstick texture. The search continues for a good spf tinted lipbalm without the goo of a gloss. (didn't like Neutrogena's chap-stick looking version either) But then again, I'm picky about lip stuff.

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