which is the best lip treatment?3 good lip treatments

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By Fiora

which is the best lip treatment?Let's see the 3 good lip treatments !


Carmex Click Stick Original SPF 15

Review by shopgirl087: been in this planet for over 30 years and been using blistex and chaptick for my chapped lips. ive always heard good things of carmex but shun it off cause i thought packaging looked cheap and plain. LOL. so with facebook's 35 cent off coupon, i thought, 'why not?' for less than 70 cents a hitl love this stuff. i love the cool tingly sensation in the original balm stick (which i noticed is very popular in walmart---usually 3-4 left compared to strawberry stick). yes it has waxy feel but i think all balms are like that unless u get 'specialized' ones like moisturizing etc which i am allergic to. however, i think carmex is WAY LESS waxier than chapsticks or blistex. Unlike chapstick/blistex, carmex moisturizing properties REMAIN on the lips for quite sometime. I cannot wait to try other flavors. this is my first day wearing and am very impressed. will update if anything has changed. :D

Review by oneofmylies99: This burns my lips on application, and for quite awhile thereafter. This contains camphor and menthol, so it's not surprising that it would burn (should have checked the ingredients before purchasing, but I was sucked in by the CVS equal bucks-back offer). The active ingredients are: Octinoxate 6.4% and oxybenzone 5.4%. The inactive ingredients are: Beeswax, camphor, cetyl esters, euphorbia cerifera (candelilla) wax, flavor, fragrance, lanolin, limnanthes alba (meadowfoam) seed oil, menthol, ozokerite, paraffin, petrolatum, phenol, salicylic acid and theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter.

Review by bklyncowgirl: I love to use this product during the winter, but it doesn't moisturize for me at all. I put very thick amount on my lips, leave it for a minute, then wipe it off, it gets rid of chapped lips better than a scrub. If I would rate it for its actual use I would say 3(of 5), but it works better to get rid of chapped lips than to moisturize.

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Blue-Q Tainted Love Lip Balm

Review by julie9536: The packaging and graphics are cute. The taste was also great. However, my lips are dry and this just dried out my lips even more.

Review by lmharte: Mmm... another awesome lip balm by Blue-Q!! This one is tangerine flavored. Don't actuallytaste anything, but it has a very mild, juicy, sweet citrus scent. Makes my lips unbelievably silky!! And the tube is adorable: lavander with vintage pulp illustrations on it. I got mine on sale for 2.50 (what a steal!) but it is well worth the money even at the regular price (5-6). Will definately be seeking out more Blue-Q balms!!

Review by lipstickcrazy: This stuff smells good but doesn't taste like anything. The tube is super cute. The thing is, it worked really well when I first got it, but the more I used it, the less impressed I was. It seemed like I built a tolerance to it. I don't know if that's possible. But I swear. I kept having to put it on more frequently until I gave up. If your lips are already smooth it still feels really good. But if they're chapped, it doesn't do much at all.

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Vaseline Lip Therapy Advanced Formula

Review by Lyssa2676: This is exactly the same as what we have in the regular Vaseline tub, but in a more convenient tube form for the lips! It beats other fancy lip products which failed to soothe my very chapped and dry lips. I don't mind it not having SPF because that would just complicate the ingredients list. WIll apply a layer of lip balm with SPF, followed by this to seal in the moisture.
Since it has the same ingredients as the regular tub, I use this for the same purposes when I'm on the go.
Gave one lippie less because it can feel too greasy/heavy sometimes.

Review by pinkiiish: i've repurchased this product at least 4-5 times already. my favourite lip balm ever ever ever!!!! i use it every morning and night and it stays on for a good amount of time (i don't need to apply it throughout the day). it makes my lips feel very comfortable and prevents them from drying or chapping. don't know how i'm going to live without this product. it is also very cheap!
however, this product could improve if it had spf. on top of that, the lip balm always seem to become more watery towards the end when it reaches its last few drops, which can feel quite gross to me.

Review by ninanina: even though flavor is listed as the inactive ingredient of this lipbalm, it is actually flavourless. but it has a sweet scent to it that kinda smells like...a pudding? a little too sweet if you ask me. the moisturizing effect is good though. but i heard that white petrolatum usp, which is the active ingredient, works just like glycerin found in most moisturizers. it draws moisture from the lower layers of the skin and holds it on the surface, which dries the skin from the inside out. it also exhibits many of the same potentially harmful properties as mineral oil. not good. i also hate the squeeze tube packaging. i'd much prefer the usual lipstick packaging of most lip balms over this. very annoying.

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