which is the best lip treatment?3 best-selling lip treatments

By Vicky

which is the best lip treatment?Let's see the 3 best-selling lip treatments !


Neutrogena MoistureShine Lip Soothers

Review by clnfox: I bought two colors awhile back (can't remember which). I did not like them because they were sooooo sticky on my lips. They moisturized ok, can't complain about that. Also, they were way too sheer. I got one color significantly darker than the other, and they were nearly the same on my lips. I'm not opposed to sheerness, but there was NO difference between the colors-- so what's the point? I wasted my money on two colors of gloss when they were ultimately the same thing. In any case, I could not get past the stickiness...

Review by suze9_8: Ever a fan of the moisture shine lip balms, I wanted something berry but equally moisturizing. Purchased this in Plum Kiss(or something like that) and love it. The color is more than a lip tint, less a lipstick but moisturizes my chapped lips well. Appreciate the discreet silver tube. Complements dark hair, pale skin and is appropriate for work.

Review by zhenya: This product is great. I have it in GLEAM 40 (the [pink color). I am EXTREMELY finicky when it comes to smell/taste of these balms...i do not like mint, wont even chew mint gum that often, and other balms are just infused with garbage scents...this scent however is fantastic--its like a tropical and peach punch smell. I barely notice color--but i didnt get it for color.
It keeps my lips moist, not chapped, doesnt dry them out...i look forard to using more of it and this is a definite re-purchase. (ive tried from chapstick to Guerlain).

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Labello Tropical Shake

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: umm... love the tropical, coconutty smell..ummm so good i just wanna eat

Review by angelchan: This smells like summer should smell!
But i also think the smell is a little bit to strong. You smell the cocos all the time! Thats the reason i wouldn't buy it again.

Review by belladoggie00: Awesome smell! Pina colada! And very good lipbalm.

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Unlisted Brand Lucas' Papaw Ointment

Review by pulidobl: This is my staple. I keep a tube of it in my handbag and a tub of it on my bedside table. It keeps my lips soft and lasts quite a while. And even though it is not a cosmetic product actually has a really nice shine. The smell used to be a turn off for me but now I love it. And it's not really well known that this isn't only good for lips. In summer I use it to stop sunburn from peeling as well as on other burns, cracked elbows, even grazes etc. I really couldn't live without this stuff and it's great it's becoming easier to find.

Review by Capprii: This stuff is amazing. Initially I bought it to combat dry lips during winter, but then I started applying it to scars and blemishes on my face. It really helped quicken the healing process of pimples and dry/ flaky skin. I had an incredibly sore and inflamed pimple 2 days ago, and now it has completely disappeared. I just rub the ointment into problem areas before I go to bed, and next morning my skin will feel baby soft and clear.
Also great for dry cuticles, eyelids for extra sheen, eyelashes and flyaway hairs.

Review by nina: Brilliant stuff. Good for all kinds of sores, dry skin, itches, bites, burns and can be used as a lip gloss and cheek highlighter. Also great for split ends.
Dirt cheap, I just bought my new tube for 3 bucks here in Australia where its pretty much sold everywhere. And the best part is that papaya/pawpaw has great health benefits: topical as well as eating it.
Will always buy this.

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