which is the best lip products?3 top lip products

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which is the best lip products?Let's see the 3 top lip products !


Anna Sui Lip Rouge Jar #001

Review by cyndiinphilly: This product is amazing. It's clear in the jar but changes colour when you put it on. The texture is soft and not sticky. the the colour stays on for approx 4 hrs depending on if you are eating or drinking. But it is more like a tint than a lipgloss in the sense that it leaves the colour even when it's not glossy anymore. This gives it a very natural look. Only down side is that it's in a pot. I'd love it more if it's in a tube.

Review by Springncts: Love this product! I have naturally quite pink lips so it has the effect of lipstick except its lighter and has a dewey kind of effect. Also very nice ontop of lipstick in the middle of the lip to plump out lips a little more. And who can resist that decadent smell of roses! Worth the price and the jar is reusable if you want to make a new colour and need a pretty package.

Review by nishie: I only use this when I don't have other makeup on because the almost-hot pink color really clashes with my eye makeup. Very pretty color, nice smell, beautiful packaging, and okay moisturizing.

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Too Faced Juicy Jewels in Golden Rose

Review by Farra: I really like this product. One side is a medium rose--not too warm or cool--and the other is a shimmery gloss. I didn't have a problem with color-changing while wearing this (but all VL's lipsticks change color on me, so go figure). The lipstick side is particularly great--wears well and is non-drying. It does have a sweet scent, but it doesn't linger. This is a good year-round color for me, so I would repurchase.

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: These glosses are the only ones that I actually USE UP on a regualar basis! They are the best creations ever and my only gripe is the packing. Once you get 3/4 of the way through, the sides always get tiny cracks and product leaks out leaving your fingers messy. But I just bring a tissue to keep clean. This Golden rose color is a beautiful pink that would look good on anyone. I am a def. cool toned colors gal and I love this! You must try it today :)

Review by isabellet: I just bought this today, and boy, do I love it. It smells wonderful, even though I'm not a really big chocolate fan. This happens to match the best lip gloss i've ever owned (Hex Lip Shine by Prescriptives) and it's so exciting to find a match. Especially since Prescriptives discountinued the color. The liquid lipstick is a brighter pink shade, but not overpowering and the gloss is a light pink and it's just so beautiful. Got it on sale and I'm thinking of going and buying another.

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Bath and Body Works Goldie Lip Kit in Pinkie

Review by shelby1123: This is an all in one lip kit with gloss, plumper, and lipstick colors in pink and red shades, as well as gooey glosses. The one detractor is that the scent is overpowingly strong like strong artificial coconut. It's also very gooey and heavy feeling on the lips...The colors are to die for but the smell, arghh.

Review by bossanovaville: I gave this a two b/c I really only used the colorless products (lip scrub/ gloss/ and plumper in the really fantastic style palette. I fell soooo much in love with the gloss and plumper pots, but they were gone way too fast ( GOLDIE! HEY YOU OUT THERE?? - make these as single products, PLEASE!). The Pinki colors were no good for me. And I hate stickin my finger in color.... won't buy again.

Review by ZoSo: I like the plumping and balm portion of this set. The exfoliator's not that good but it's not too bad. However, I HATE using my fingers to apply lip products. I dont htink thes colors flatter my skin tone that much, but they look might look better on others. The packaging is pretty bad though- some of the plastic fell off so that whenever I shut the compartment it doesn't cloes and just kind of sits there.

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