which is the best lip products?3 recommended lip productss

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By Tifanny

which is the best lip products?Let's see the 3 recommended lip productss !


Revlon Shiny Sheers- Sheer Dewy Blossom 820

Review by Capprii: Its a nice color, and like the name, its sheer
I like sheer colors, and its soft, and feels moisturizing. It goes on like a lipstick, and sets like a lipgloss, just like a MAC slimshine.

Review by srobinb: Pretty lightish carnation pink with a subtle shimmer, and very moisturizing formula, also has SPF. I usually can't wear pale pinks because my lips are highly pigmented (and pale pink washes me out) but this one is just bright enough. Nice color.

Review by isabellet: I love the SS line of lipcolor so this gets 4 lippies because the formula is very good and other than the unflattering color, this performs as well as those from this line that I love. I'm a cool, PPP/FFF, blue eyed ash blond. On me this looked bright (unnatural) fuschia pink. It was way too bright and overpowering.

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Thymes Limited Simple Necessities Lip Balm

Review by lipstickcrazy: This product is very different because of the lavender-y scent. I have other lip balms I like better (Carmex, Kiehl's), but this does make a very nice cuticle cream that I keep in my purse.

Review by nishie: IMO, this is a good but not great lipbalm. It seems very adult and ladylike, if that makes any sense when discussing a lipbalm. :) The balm has a pleasant herbal/floral fragrance in the tube, but I was a little alarmed when I could still smell it on my lips after it had been applied for several minutes- kind of felt like I had smeared solid perfume on my lips. It's also a white-ish wax that makes my lips very matte and a little pale, but I prefer a balm with a little more shine. So I will probably not repurchase.

Review by moth: Oh my goodness, I've found it. THE Holy Grail of Lip Balms. I thought i'd found it in Burt's Bees, but...well, good 'ol Burt has BEEN REPLACED! LOL! This is a WONDERFUL lip balm that I bought as an impulse buy during checkout at my favorite bath and body products store. And I couldn't be happier. My lips, even on Burt's Bees lip balm, were reacting badly to the change in season with flaking and dryness, and one night with this product on my lips made all the difference. Now my lips are healed and healthy and soft, and no dryness or cracking. This is the nicest lip balm I've ever tried, and it has a light, classically Thymes fragrance to it (not the kind you can taste, but the kind that makes you realize that this is going to make a difference!). I LOVE this product! : )

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Origins Matte Stick

Review by funkybabe: I love this matte stick! The color goes on matte but it's not drying. My favorite color is the Malt.

Review by dlbd2k06: Oh heaven! Oh joy! From Mars is the ideal color for ANYONE who truly likes color! If this were just a hair more blendable, I'd love it even more, but its near enough to perfection that I can forgive....

Review by pulidobl: I have the Matte stick in Eggplant. (13.50 USD) Lovely purply-brownish berry color. The color is beautiful on my pale skin, brown hair green eyes complexion, but it's a little tough to get it even. Also, not as much staying power as I've come to expect from a good matte lipstick. Still, the color is enough to make me want to use it anyway. For about the same price, Trucco makes matte lipsticks that last longer (if a bit drying), and for a bunch more (22 USD, but worth it) Nars makes a Velvet matte lip pencil that glides on like a dream and stays really well.
This probably deserves 3 1/2 lippies, and it remains to be seen if i'll buy this again. If i can find this great color in a better stick, then no. If not, i'll be tempted...

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