which is the best lip liner?3 recommended lip liner

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By Elena

which is the best lip liner?Let's see the 3 recommended lip liner !


MAC All Lipliners

Review by cgosyne: MAC liners are my holy grail lip liners. They are creamy, don't ball up on my lips and give good color. My current favorites are cranberry and cedar. Quartz is a nice color but a little dark for me.

Review by laurilauri: MAC liners are a must have. They have a wide range of colors and the texture is creamy enough to glide on. My favorites are: Chestnut (dark brown) and Nightmoth (dark berry wine), Long lasting too! Although these are nice, I no longer purchase them as I've found a cheaper alternative that's just as good if not better. They're Palladio's retractable liners found at Sally's. Eggplant and BlackBerry are my replacements for MAC's Currant and Nightmoth.

Review by betsyab: I love these lipliners! I own Spice (my total fave), Cranberry, Stripdown, and Test Pattern. I definitely use Spice the most. Texture is good, and they last for a long time.

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Revlon Timeliner for Lips(Any Shade)

Review by redheadjane: Redish color is versatile, goes on smoothly, feels good and easy to apply but doesn't last too long.

Review by CancerianPrincess: I have 2 shades of Revlon's Timeliner for lips, one in "plumwine" and the other in "blackberry". Both are bold and beautiful colors. These lipliners apply well, not too soft nor too dry. These liners can be even used as lipsticks. These pencils need to be sharpened but they don't fall apart once you sharpen them. There is no "dragging" with these lipliners. Timeliner for lips is as good as high end lipliners out there for a fraction of the price. According to my own rating system it gets 5 lippies:)

Review by fuxxy: I've been using Revlon Timeliner for Lips every single day (!!) for at least 8 years. It's awesome! It's not only a great liner but I use it too to fill in my lips then use a sheer or tinted gloss for some shine. It's creamy and stays on your lips.

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Bliss Labs Lip Stick in Milky Pink

Review by sjcsmall: This is a pretty milky pink shade that looks very nice and natural on my lips. It softens them up a bit. I bought this on sale so I got a pretty good deal.

Review by Loriwong: This is rather expensive, but the color is so pretty that it makes up for the high price tag. It is a nice natural pink. A little seems to go a long way so it should last for a long time. It also moisturizes very well.

Review by cperry: goes on smoothly - somewhere between a lipstick and lipliner, but very smooth. Milky pink is a great, natural but better lip shade (for me at least). My only quibble is that this product doesn't have a lot of staying power. But I will be buying it again - and it looks great with or without the matching gloss.

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