which is the best lip gloss?3 top lip glosss comparison

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By Elena

which is the best lip gloss?Let's see the 3 top lip glosss comparison!


Calvin Klein Lip Gloss - Pink Whisper

Review by iberian: Great colour, nice texture, nice feeling on lips, nice glass tube,
great for everyday wear. Althought I didn′t think it had great staying power. The gloss disappeared after a few hours (no eating or drinking) and I had to re-apply a lot of times during the day.

Review by Graceteix: i LOVE this lipgloss. its a very nice pinkish colour with a hint of shimmer. it does not dry out lips! i bought it in sogo in hongkong.. and now the calvin klein counter there closed... i have to find another counter now.
THIS IS A GOOD BUY!! wont be disappointed with it i promise :)

Review by bklyncowgirl: nice nude lip gloss, discontinued also...great not sticky,
good price...clavin klein needs good marketing because they have the good quality in their products, needs a little help.

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Urban Decay Lip Junkie

Review by cgosyne: I have 2 of these, Midnight Cowboy and Wallflower.
MIDNIGHT COWBOY- Nude sheer sparkle. What I really like about this is that it makes the lips look "juicy" (haha) and the sparkle isn't too heavy,it's very fine. Some glitter glosses have a gritty texture but not this one. The scent and taste is like the chocolate mints from Olive Garden. Definitely a win! ;)
WALLFLOWER- Darker Nude-ish with pink undertones. It's a really pretty color on my fair skin. No glitter. Just a thinner gloss but the color is noticeable. It has the same scent and taste just not as strong as Midnight Cowboy.
I would definitely buy these again. On a scale of 1 to 10 I put these at an 8. Only because of the price 19...really Urban Decay? Almost 40 for 2 lipglosses? That doesn't seem right...to me anyways :)

Review by dontblink15: Loves this!!! I have them in Red Light and Crush. I just got them a few days ago, so I've only used Red Light, which is an intense red.
The reason why I bought this was because I have never seen another lipgloss which delivers such intense red, in a GLOSS. Also, I am a fan of peppermint, hence I love the cooling effect this delivers.
However I have learnt to not use this when meeting my boyfriend because this will get on all over his lips... :)
Will definitely buy again!

Review by lbarnold: I love this lip gloss. I recently bought it in Crush and I can't get enough, I wear it all of the time. My lips were very dry before I started using it and now, not even a week later, they feel awesome and hydrated! It lasts on my lips and doesn't get sticky or ball up. I am already excited about buying more colors. I definitely recommend this gloss.

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Lancome Juicy Tubes - Manihi

Review by glossgal_01: i'm very pale so i was initally intimidated by the color in the tube, but when you put it on it lightens up a lot and is very sheer. it smells like chocolate which i love, one of the best smelling jt's i've ever bought. overall i'm very impressed!

Review by Olive143: This is one of my favorite JT's; the scent is yummy, the color is a pretty bronze (shows up nicely over a darker lipstick), and it has a faint sweet taste. Buy it soon because it is an LE.

Review by cloud0204: This juicy tube has remained on my top 5 for a few years! It is a pretty golden honey bronze, makes your lips look fabulous. The color just glows! The scent is delicious, which to me is toffee/caramel. I absolutely love it!

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