which is the best lip gloss?3 top lip gloss reviews

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By Sara

which is the best lip gloss?Let's see the 3 top lip gloss reviews!


GOSH Cool Lip Jam

Review by minnielouse: I got this in 101.. the blue color. I goes on clear with grogeous shimmer. It is a bit sticky but as long as you put on a think layer it isn't too bad, and it smells great! Just like juicy fruit bubble gum.. love it!

Review by Vaniessa: I've purchased all of the lip jams and 107, a light pink with pink reflects is by far my favourite. I love wearing it on its own for a sheer glimmer or over light pink lipstick.
Overall, the lip jams are quite sticky, even more stickier than mac lip glasses in my opinion. I don't mind the stickiness because I feel that sticky lip glosses last longer.
There is a light bubblegum scent which I love. I haven't experienced a foul smell that I've heard about through bloggers and I've had mine for quite a while.
I don't like 102 as much which is a light peach. It's more pigmented than 107 and sometimes settles in the lines in my lips. I also find it's not so forgiving on chapped lips.
Despite that, most of the other colours work well on my medium pigmented lips. I would repurchase

Review by Cordelia: I tried this as a tester and really didn't like it. It was way too heavy and sticky. Had a nice cooling feeling but other than that, I wouldn't buy this

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Shu Uemura Sweet gloss in Nectarine Jam

Review by maribebe: This one looks pretty red in color, I was afraid it might make my lips too dramatic. I was wrong! When I applied it on my lips, it brought clear shining feeling and the redness melted right away in my lips. It created a soft red and clear, healthy looking on my lips.

Review by stephanie32082: Definitely just a drop of color, a WHOLE lot of shine...so all in all it's a 5/5 but as I said in my review of PEACH, it's annoying that this thing has so much artificial sweetener in it...you may not mind the constantly artificial sweet taste, but I prefer no taste, especially when it lasts so long on the lips...LOVE the color and consistency though; great gloss otherwise.

Review by lorraine07: This was a fantastic gloss when I tried it in Cherry and it is a fantastic gloss now that I have it in Nectarine. I look at the low number of reviews for the Sweet glosses and I want to stomp over to the Makeup board and shout, "Wake up! These kick the stuffing out of most other glosses!!" Even MAC. I would never repurchase clear Lipglass after experiencing these. The texture is similar, but this is less sticky, so it doesn't turn your mouth into the shower-stall hair trap that MAC does. And they are so much prettier. This is a clear red that tends more toward the berry family, but not bluish or purplish at all. It is just so beautiful and natural when applied. It is perfect for day. Go out and get one of these, OK? Please?

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mark Tea Pots - Passion Mango Tea

Review by meeshmu: This stuff smells WONDERFUL!!! I love this gloss! Just wish a lip brush was included.

Review by tetrakis: I love this!! It smells wonderful. One side is a clear the other is a beautiful peach gloss, the texture of it is to die for, like whipped cream.

Review by almighty_curv: I love this product! When i saw it i didnt want to buy it because i didnt like the smell of mangos but i decided to try it anyways. I love it, its one of my favorite glosses!

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