which is the best lip gloss?3 recommended lip glosss

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By Tifanny

which is the best lip gloss?Let's see the 3 recommended lip glosss !


Shu Uemura Vinyl Unlimited

Review by auth: The gloss is nice and smooth, yet it leaves just a tad dry, albeit much less dry than the Gloss Unlimiteds. The colors are pigmented yet can be applied sheerly. That said, the only colors I really like is the clear. The beige is nice, but a bit sheer for my pigmented lips. These glosses also have the tendency to run outside lip lines, so I wouldn't bother applying more to build up color. I like the packaging, and may consider repurchasing. However, I am no longer a fan of Shu glosses.

Review by Loriwong: I have the Clear 000 and the Red 165. I'd buy the Clear again, and my RD 165 will probably last me some time (I stick to both RD 165 Rouge Unlimited and Crystal Shine) so I probably won't buy it again. Reason is that it's kinda sticky, and I feel that I can't smack my lips together often enough when I'm wearing it without losing the vinyl effect. With the CL000 that isn't a problem, and though 20 something USD is quite something for a clear gloss, there's something very sexy about this particular clear gloss. The pigmented ones would be superb for posing or something - as long as you don't really have to "wear" it.

Review by isabellet: I LOVE THESE. They're highly pigmented (like, lipstick with gloss over the top) and super shiny without any shimmer - exactly like vinyl. I got PK 359 and it's a really watermelon-y pink IMO, with a tiny hint of a coral.
It's super pigmented and so shiny. I didn't notice a scent or taste at all. Its a tiny bit sticky, but not as much as MAC is. I plan to buy lots more.

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Bourjois Rose Synthetic 19

Review by diachu21: sooo pretty. a great color. FINALLY a pink that doesnt make your teeth look nasttyyyy. i love it. and it smells like roses...ahhh how pleasant

Review by cgosyne: I just picked up Bourjois 3D gloss in rose synthetic, it?s quite new. Very close to dior Addict lip gloss- A Touch Of Sugarplum-181, just with out the blue shimmer. The gloss is smooth, not tacky or slippery, comes with a brush tip. The color is a medium cool pink. So far it?s wearing very well on my (always dry) lips. I really like the Bourjois 3D lip line.

Review by marsqurine: one of my favs. the color is sooooo pretty! not too sticky either. i just hope it can last longer.

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Origins Transforming Lip Glaze

Review by omegakitty: This lip gloss is okay. I received it as a GWP, but I wouldn't purchase it. To begin with, I am not a fan of glosses, especially iridescent ones, and my husband hates their tendency to get all over him when I kiss him. I also disliked the the peppermint flavor of this gloss. It ended up going in the trash.

Review by Vaniessa: They sent me this as a sample when I order other items. It looks white in the tube but goes on sheer; makes your lips looked slightly iced. Not a weird fish-white look but a gloss that makes your lips full. My lips are dark so this makes my lips look slightly pinker; it's not overdone. Smells like peppermint. I like it but I'm not so excited I'd buy it again (I'm 50 and usually don't go so high frost except for evening and parties). However, I think that the younger women would enjoy the frosty glam look.

Review by ZoSo: Very nice gloss--nice iridesence, not tacky, staying power is okay. Wonderful smell, like a creamy peppermint candy. Think York's without the chocolate. Thinner than Bobbie Brown's "Opal," and therefore a little better to "transform" a lipstick or another gloss. Also good alone. Much better than the new smashbox "Illuminate," insofar as it has more pure iridesence and less pink. Very nice. Use with a lip brush so you don't ruin the color.

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