which is the best lip gloss?3 recommended lip gloss review

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which is the best lip gloss?Let's see the 3 recommended lip gloss review!


Black Radiance Radiant Lip Gloss in Radiant Red

Review by OutofControl: This is my go to red lip gloss. It is smooth, not sticky. I love the shimmer it has. It also looks great with a lipliner. Definitely would repurchase.

Review by abrilio: Still loving these glosses. Moisturizing, not super sticky, scentless, long-lasting (for a gloss). I'm amazed at how saturated this color is. It is just this side of too blue on me (not hard since my lips grab colors with a hint of blue in them and turn them into scary fuschias). I might be able to carry this off in the winter when my skin is paler. On a woman with very pale or very dark cool skin, this color would be gorgeous.

Review by kitkat85: I concur with the other reviewer. I am FFF and I also like this lip gloss! It is highly pigmented for a gloss, and the color is a true red with no orange or purple undertone. The texture is very nice - thick and not too sticky. Moderately longlasting (again, for a gloss). If you want shiny red lips and youre on a budget, I recommend it! I just came home from the store with Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Get Reddy and it is almost the same as this. Depending on what's on sale at your ds, you could get either and be happy! Shiny Red Movie Star lips can be yours for about 5! ;-)

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Guerlain Divinora - Kisskiss gloss Abricot Gourmand #40

Review by dlbd2k06: I really wanted to like it. but it doesn't worse the money at all. color is too intense for me. do not last very well. the package is huge, but there is only little gloss in it, 0.15oz, which is nothing. hate the smell too.

Review by cyndiinphilly: Beautiful color. Nice fruity smell. Stylish Guerlain packaging, but not much staying power. When I wear it over lip liner, I have to reapply every half-hour or so. So, I'm taking off two lippies.

Review by Cristy1970: I agree with 'zajiue' and 'urbanhibiscus' regarding the colour description of this gloss. I also find that this gloss really brightens up my face instantly. It is a very versatile colour for the summer time. I love the fact that it's not very pigmented because it makes it perfect for the summer time and making it look more 'breathable' if it makes sense. I guess I am not into highly pigmented lip glosses/lipsticks as they tend to make me look a lot older plus i don't like the feel and look of the opaque colour on my lips. The texture of this gloss is super silky smooth and NOT sticky (which is important to me). The fragrance in this product doesn't bother me as much but i would prefer if it was a little less strong. Overall, I like this lip gloss and would purchase again.

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Lipstick Queen Shine Hardcore Gloss

Review by belle2216: I love this gloss. At first I thought that 24 was a bit steep for a lip gloss, but when I saw just how much product you get...I think the price is worth it. You get a lot of gloss in the pot, and a little bit goes a long way. I really like it. I tried the "Red Sinner" and it's a gorgeous glossy see-through red and you can build the color very easily. I can't wait to try the "Clear Sinner" next!

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