which is the best lip gloss?3 popular lip gloss

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By Sara

which is the best lip gloss?Let's see the 3 popular lip gloss !


Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Soothing Lip Balm

Review by pretty_please: Hm price is ok, 2 for 10. It's not that great but works better than chapstick just hate having to dirty my finger and always end up rubbing it onto my jeans. I like how it's thick and creamy but mint makes me sick so I barely use this stuff. I do like the soothing effect though and like to apply it at night since the shine is too intense plus it doesn't have spf for protection during the day. Pretty much smoothes and soothes lips and it's a pretty ok price(7) for it alone..

Review by Jaie: I really love this lip balm, i have it in the color pink petal. The feel is really minty on your lips which i personally enjoy, and its super moisturizing for me.I use it throughout the day, and before i sleep, and it still leaves my lips moisturized and super soft in the morning. I put a good amount on and it isnt sticky at all. The packaging is super cute, but its a little bulky if you want to keep it in your pocket. Its also shiny, so it gives your lips a glossy effect. I reccomend this if your looking for a cheap but great quality lip balm.

Review by aml1: When I bought this product it was just out of curiosity not really expecting much, but I love it! As soon as you put this product on your lips it feels amazing and a cool minty feeling. It is actually soothing and it does not dry out my lips like other lip balms do; it keeps them hydrated. I like that the taste is not too much and it's a lil minty which is good because if you want flavor just buy their lip gloss. This lip balm also lasts a couple of hours and it maintains it's shine. I think that with a touch of color it would be the perfect lip balm. I noticed it has some sparkles in the product when when it's on the lips they don't show (which I like) and it just makes it kind of reflect light so thats a plus. I will be repurchasing!

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NARS Eros Lip Lacquer

Review by Viognier: After all the raves, I was expecting a bit more from this gloss. The packaging makes it necessary to use a lip brush, and while Eros is a pretty, subtly shimmery berry color, it's nothing special. The texture is nice, but the flavorless, odorless quality is a little disappointing to me (although I may be in the minority on this point).

Review by aguskl: My all-time fave NARS Lacquer! Eros is a gorgeous shimmery raspberry shade which goes on sheer. I carry this little pot with me everywhere! I have already went through 1 pot of this...and am almost done with pot number 2. Highly recommend though it is very expensive at 22 a pop.

Review by Olive143: This is a nice basic lip gloss colour. My lips are fairly pigmented so it didn't show up raspberry like some of the other reviewers. It simply looked like my lips but better. I find it fairly sticky and it has a weird almost plastic scent about it. But it's a nice lip gloss if you just want a polished look like you're not wearing any lipstick. The colour wasn't anything special that you had to run out and buy. It's good for those days when you don't want to look made up. It was 28 CAD (before taxes) and the pot was fairly small but it's so thick it should last for a while.

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Jordana InColor LipShine Natural Glaze in Banana Cream

Review by joheinous: umm, i really liked the pink grapefruit one ( doesn't smell like grapefruit but like candy), but this one smells like banana toxic cream. it really bothers me. i might have to return it.

Review by blacklittlepig: I love this stuff!!! I have looked, purchaed and wasted money trying to find a YLBB color. I'm a DDD and my lips are very pigmented brownish/reddish color and most glosses look clear. This give me a nice beighy natural (if that makes sense) color. It's not clear which is a miracle for me. Just enough pigmentation. I smell the banana smell on the pen applicator but not when I apply to my lips. I also did not notice a bitter taste. I don't taste anything. I'm glad it's not too glossy but more of a sheen that Oprah wear a lot. I love it and would recomend all DDD's looking for a natural-ish color buy. No complaints.

Review by dlbd2k06: Awesome lip gloss for such a cheap price! I like the lip shines in the natural glazes (which this one is) as opposed to the lip shines in shimmer glazes (which left a residue of glitter on my lips after the color faded away). I love the banana scent and the color is also great - a sheer light beige with some pink.
I gave only 4 lippies for packaging though because the twist up pen applicator makes it difficult to control the amount of lip gloss that oozes out. I twist and twist and twist and then finally gloss oozes out but it's usually a lot more than what I need. However, I do like the brush tip as it is an improvement over doe foot applicators.

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