which is the best lip gloss?3 good lip glosss

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By Christina

which is the best lip gloss?Let's see the 3 good lip glosss !



Review by askewchick: Very nice gloss! I'd read the review below before and when I saw this at Walgreens, I snatched it up. Now i know why it plumps (or claims to...I don't notice it but... there's menthol or something in this. Makes you lips feel cooool! Funny about the review below... I work for Lancome! I only took off one lippie because I don't always want to feel like my lips are soaking in peppermint, but like pretty much all SH glosses, they are comfortable on my lips. I haven't compared ingredients side by side, but perhaps I should. I do like the idea of apricot oil, vit. E, etc... better than 'chemicals'.
Also came in other colours. Clearly Crystal (beigy shimmer) was one and Clearly Adorable (pale beige/pink/ivory? shimmer) There might be more, but some colours from the display were missing...

Review by kimberpoo: i bought this on a whim at ulta after reading reviews on here, and for like 6 bucks, i thought hey, i could always return it. but i will not be returning this one! after having it for a couple weeks, i put it on overnight because i noticed it seemed to moisturize my lips and they were very dry and chapped. when i was doing my makeup the next morning, i noticed that my lips looked great! they actually did look much plumper and fuller. not only that but they were very soft and moisturized too. i have now had this stuff on my lips for like 2 days straight, and my lips are no longer dry and cracked, AND they look plump and sexy! let's hear it for cheap lip gloss that actually works!! i took one lippie of because the texture is kind of sticky and messy.

Review by i_darling: I LOVE this producT! But, I hear it's being discontinued! Wawww! It's a great shade, the plumping WORKS, and it's not icky sticky. Buy it while you can! I'm a product snob, and this stuff rocks

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Bourjois Effet 3-D Glossy Lipstick Orange Tonic 58

Review by Susie31: I mentioned this item in my general review for the Effet 3D glosses quite some time ago, but I'll add my .02 here as well. This is one of my favorite summer lipglosses; it's a very sheer tangerine orange shade with teeny gold glitter. My lips are very pigmented, and since this gloss is so translucent, their color peeks through the veil of orange. It's MLBOAMG (My Lips But Oranger and More Glittery). I much prefer Bourjois' lipbrush to the spongey wands found in MAC lipglasses and other lipglosses. I did take off a lipstick because I found the formula to be a little thin and runny, and I would prefer more pigment (sometimes it takes several coats before I feel like I have enough color). But it's still one of my favorites, and I've gotten many compliments while wearing this. There's a pic of Orange Tonic on my lips in my profile.

Review by jlinh2u: This is the hottest gloss ever!!! It looks so awesome paired with Mac walnut lipliner, under my Vincent longo lipstain in cupid's breath. The result is shiny peach lips with subtle gold glitter and shimmer. I love this gloss...not sticky at all and no gross smell:)

Review by Keva: A very nice gloss! Overall as a gloss it goes on smooth and lasts for a long time,has a nice scent to it.
The color is gorgeous orange with gold sparkles in it,not too much,just a hint,makes color brighter.
I am planning to try other colors,b/c so far I am very pleased.

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Bonne Bell A&W Root Beer Lip Smacker

Review by mulhollanddrive: Wow, I LOVE this! It smells just exactly like root beer! It even has a carbonated smell. Well, I was at Walgreens the other day, and I saw the Soda Lipsmackers on display. I got it in Root Beer, which is also my favorite drink of all time! I was so happy when I first sniffed this. I'm so surprised at how similar it smells to real Root Beer! It tastes similar to Root Beer, also. The thing I don't like, though, is the texture. It's kind of gritty, like the cosmic lip smackers. This is still one of my favorite lipsmackers! edit: eww! whenever I put this stuff on, I have noticed that it leaves a screen of white, goopy stuff sitting on my lips. Yuck! Oh well, I don't really care about texture, but if you didn't like the texture of the Cosmic Lipsmackers, then don't buy this!

Review by lorrainer07: Another great product that I keep by my computer to remind me to keep these lips moisturized even when I am just sitting here.
This is smooth, nicely falvored, amost clear and very moisturizing.
For the price, this is a definite repurchase.

Review by omegakitty: I love this LipSmacker. As with all plain LipSmackers, it goes on clear and with a buildable shine. But unlike some LipSmackers, this one smells amazing! I am a fan of the Dr. Pepper one, but I don't always like the red color, so this one is perfect to have on hand also. My only problem with this is a problem I have with all LipSmackers...the edge of the tube is sharp.

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