which is the best lip gloss?3 effective lip glosss reviews

By Vicky

which is the best lip gloss?Let's see the 3 effective lip glosss reviews!


Urban Decay Lip Gunk in Paranoid

Review by ZoSo: When I first saw the color of this in person, I thought it looked really ugly in the tube. Fortunately, it goes on really sheer and becomes a nice caramel nude on the lips. Very natural and smells yummy.

Review by dontblink15: Paranoid is a beautiful gloss, however, just slightly too dark brown for me to wear it all the time. I have to be in the mood for a very pigmented lipgloss, and since I'm rarely in anything but jeans, I hardly ever wear anything that isn't sheer, or just plain clear. However, it is a lovely brownish pink gloss, and smells incredible, like chocolate. It lasts forever and is pretty sticky, which I love. If it weren't so bright, I'd give it a five, but since it's just a little too much for my everyday wear, it only gets four. Unfortunately, it's discontinued, fortunately, however, I got it half off so it was quite cheap :)

Review by guitarzan: Paranoid is the perfect neutral color. It is a darker shade of "Teddy Bear" by Clinique and it stays on longer. I have wanted to buy a second one just to be able to keep one at home and another in my purse. I am half Korean and half American so anyone with yellow or olive colored skin would love this color. The price is fair for such a product as well.

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Lancome pink glow star gloss

Review by oneofmylies99: The color was a too orange for my lips but it had a good consistancy and a nice bottle.

Review by kit_kat68: One of my favorites glosses! It's a great shimmery pink color and when you put it on, it has a golden sheen to it. The thing I love about this gloss is that you can wear it with neutral make-up or pair it up with a darker look...either way, it looks great. Def. will repurchase.

Review by redheadjane: This is a very nice soft, pink gloss...I pair it up with a nice rosey liner, you could use Frachelle from Lancome or something more reasonably priced..I love the golden shimmer it has. However, I think it was a limited edition.

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Avon candy apple lipbalm

Review by rebec75: Candy Apple has a realistic apple scent to it, but I think this one could have used a bit more work :) It's kind of boring :\ As with other Avon balms, it's moisturizing and the texture is creamy and lightweight. It leaves a soft shine to my lips and looks pretty ... but I probably could have done without this one... :l

Review by dxgirly: Avon lip balms are very moisturizing and inexpensive. I really enjoy the different flavors also.

Review by i_darling: This stuff smells and tastes so yummy! and the packaging is so cute!!

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