which is the best lip gloss?3 effective lip gloss reviews

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By Marcella

which is the best lip gloss?Let's see the 3 effective lip gloss reviews!


Neutrogena Moisture Shine Gloss in Razzle

Review by marsqurine: I love the color of this gloss, but I am surprised nobody has mentioned how little comes in the container. After about 5 wears I am struggling to get gloss on the stick. Not worth the price at all.

Review by tippygirl: The perfect color and consistency. Stays on a little longer than most glosses. Smells yummy.

Review by ooliedonna: AMAZING LIPGLOSS! I have a ton a Chanel glossimers, but I also use these Neutrogena brands instead. This is a gorgous hot pink with gold shimmer that goes on sheer and can be built up. I also love swizzle (a berry shade with gold shimmer). These are really the best lg's out there these days - and they're drugstore too!!!

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Christian Dior Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect in Chiffon Beige #227

Review by askewchick: Chiffon Beige is a very sheer gloss that provides a glossy finish with a hint of bronzey rose shimmer. It adds a little tint of color and a LOT of shine. Does not have any scent and feels very nice on - not sticky. Really glamourous packaging and I love the brush. Doesn't last very long and really doesn't show up very well on me except for a few shimmers here. Not my favorite - my Pink Liberty is much better than this!

Review by kitten75: I love this color,..it looks fantastic when your sunkissed!! I'm medium yellow toned, dark brown eyes, light brown hair. Everyone seems to like the brush but it's actually my least favorite part of this gloss. But I can certainly overlook it because I do love the color.

Review by oneofmylies99: This gloss was meh on me. I'm a MAC NW/NC20 skintone with dark brown hair and medium brown eyes. I mean, it's a great gloss, not sticky and a lovely color, it just didn't do much for me. And it leaves a horrible after taste in my opinion. Will not be repurchasing.

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Pretty Pretty Lipgloss in Zuma

Review by ninanina: I'm so glad I bought this lip gloss in the Sephora sale. It's a sheer bronzey color that will easily replace my Sue Devitt Fire Island (I'm almost out) at a fraction of the cost. Gives lips a natural hint of color and a bit of shimmer. Not too sure about the tingly mint flavor though.

Review by kimmie578: This is a wonderful sheer color with lots of glimmer in it. The color looks coppery in the tube, but the translation is entirely different on the lips. Just imparts a sheer golden glimmer. I love the minty taste as well. Very refreshing! I am surprised more people haven't caught on to the brilliance of P2's gloss.

Review by DawnD: My boyfriend got me this for Christmas and to my surprise, I haven't heard of Pretty Pretty until now. Zuma is a gorgeous shimmery gloss that looks bronze in the tube. It's a warm shade that imparts a nice shimmer on your lips. Fabulous! Must investigate more shades.

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