which is the best lip gloss?3 effective lip gloss brand

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which is the best lip gloss?Let's see the 3 effective lip gloss brand!


Bobbi Brown Peony Lip Tint

Review by sleepyone: This is one of the colors I received in the mini tube tint set. Peony is a darker pink than Posey Shimmer. On my (slightly pigmented) lips it sort of just tones down the color in my lips, and gives a nice healthy shine. Perfect for the few weeks of summer I have where I am not working or in school. The peppermint smell is nice, and I am pleased it has SPF. The formula really moisturizes and makes my lips feel good; they even feel great after the product has worn off, leaving them very smooth. Perfect product for beach, or just slapping on your lips quickly without a mirror.

Review by bebejacket: These are my favourite lipglosses. Peony is a pretty rose pink. Very sexy.

Review by andij: Received this in the 7ml mini 4-tube set along with Peony, Punch and Cream. Lily is an almost pastel-light lilac in the tube. I'm MMM, tanned olive with golden undertones and this is the best color out of the lot on me. Looks like a generic bubble gum pink in the tube. But like all BB lip tints, the color is VERY sheer once applied. A nudy, fleshy pink on me, very natural but very polished. Same light minty smell and smooth, thick creamy texture. What keeps me coming back is the fact that my dry, tight, ready-to-split-when-I-smile lips feel so darn pampered in these babies. My poor lips have been exposed to sun/sea/air and this feels like LIP SPA in a tube...what sane girl could resist?

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Avon Ultra Color Rich Lip Gloss SPF15

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: I LOVE THIS STUFF. I hate how Avon discontinuous this. I got this in Perfect Rose and I really love the color. The only thing that I don't like about this is the brush applicator; I find it hard to use and its hairs go everywhere. I wish they will sell it again but with a sponge applicator instead.

Review by clnfox: i got the color nude peach and its a nice light shimmer peach color. its a great color for a strawberry blonde! i love that it has spf,wish it was higher then 15 though. id deff buy it again in more colors.

Review by dastac: Oh did I have high hopes for this lip gloss. How great that it has SPF15!! But everything else about it really stinks. The applicator is a stiff brush which gets all discombobulated in the tube - brush hairs sticking out all over the place. I got this in a beautiful creamy neutral shade called "Latte", but the color is sooooo sheer it doesn't show up at all. Not too sticky, but it lasts about 30 seconds on the lips (with no wear and tear, no eating or drinking), that's gotta be a record.

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Wet 'n' Wild Juicy Balm in Boyz'n'Berries

Review by runtagua: I like these balms in general, but the new packaging (holographic silver w/ a cartoonish female silhouette, ew) is ugly and more importantly, this does not smell like any kind of berry. It smells like straight up grape koolaid!

Review by sophie_tan: I really hate the name but I like this product. I like the colorful fruity packaging, taste and smell. It's fairly moisturizing, but not for use on severely chapped lips.

Review by munchlaxy: Amazing Balm! Love the fat balm packaging and see through twist-up. So cute! :) and I get lots of lookers and oohs and ahhs when I whip this out. hehe :P This is a grape scent and taste and the quality is very nice. Enjoy :)

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