which is the best lip gloss?3 best lip glosss reviews

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By Helen

which is the best lip gloss?Let's see the 3 best lip glosss reviews!


Korres Cherry Full Color Gloss in Plum 27

Review by pretty_please: Oh... this stuff is fantastic!
I was surprised by the texture. It doesn't feel like a traditional gloss. It is slick-- slightly oily. More like a liquid lipstick. It's very glossy :-)
The colour is definitely plum, but has more of a pink undertone. It's a cool shade, for sure (cool, as opposed to warm).
It's very rich and pigmented. You can apply lightly for a stain, or normally (or add a couple of coats) for a bold colour.
Not sticky, long-wearing.
The smell is lovely. It reminds me of a less sweeter version of the cherry coating on a dipped cone or Dilly Bar from Dairy Queen.
I have been wearing this particular shade a lot, and can't wait to purchase others. This stuff is boss!

Review by Pinki: I like this plum color, but I think I prefer the red/52 color to this one, so I don't know if I'd buy it again. It's good quality and very moisturizing. :)

Review by GreeneyedGal: Let me first say that I normally despise the stickiness of lip glosses-- but I'll endure it for this gloss! It's SO moisturizing, glossy, and the color is absolutely gorgeous. I got it in a black friday set of five Korres glosses for 27, and of the orange, light pink, fuschia, plum, and rose glosses, this is my favorite. It's the most pigmented and the least sticky of the bunch, and there's NO visible glitter on your lips. It's about as pigmented as a liquid lipstick--and the pigment lasts all night! One time I fell asleep with it still on--and woke up the next day with the plum hue still on my lips. It's a very pinky plum, which for me is a good thing, because plums are usually too purpley and dark for my complexion to pull off. It's a sophisticated and sexy color that looks like it could fit in just as much at the work place as it does on a date or at a party. Love it!

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MAC Damzel Lipglass

Review by tippygirl: This is definitely not what I would tout as "reddish pink". Its not like PRR either. It isn't peachy enough to be a version of Prr. It's a brownish pink mauve. Its definitely a cooler pink. But there is a neutral cast to it, that indicates that its more on the brown pink side. Its a beautiful colour, and I love it over top the new "Bird's of a Feather" lipstick from the MAC "Naturally Eccentric" collection.

Review by Keva: OMG my HG nudeish MLBB lipgloss! i love viva glam v, but this is a perfect one for something less shimmery :D Loved it so much i bought 5!

Review by tetrakis: I'm an Asian gal who aims for a more natural look. This was my first MAC Lipglass purchase and I loved it. The shade is a nice medium pink with a little bit of shimmer, went well with my natural rosy complexion. The only bad thing is that it was hard to find, and even harder now... seeing as it was LE.

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Napoleon Perdis Gloss Patrol Sydney

Review by kit_kat68: This is my most favorite lip gloss of all time. It is a gorgeous opaque light coraly pink. It lasts quite a while, it is a little sticky but it doesnt bother me. This is the most gorgeous color, most of my friends have this and it suits them all amazingly. Highly recommended!!!!

Review by Susie31: I absolutely love this product! The color sets in really well and it has a nice baby pink tint to it. It also smells really like strawberry ice cream which is a plus. Highly recommend this as it is my new favorite lipgloss!

Review by vengland: Love the cute packaging with the white lid and logo. This is a creamy, milky, non shimmer cool baby pink. Think NARS Turkish Delight but more pink, no peach and a shade or two darker. It is nearly opaque and blends very well. I love it over Stila CC in Lillium, gives that milky pale pink lip everyone's always looking for. Smells like strawberry milkshakes.

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