which is the best hair styling?3 top hair stylings

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By Sara

which is the best hair styling?Let's see the 3 top hair stylings !


L'anza Smoother Straightening Balm

Review by cloud0204: Love this product!!! I came to it after using only Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum before blowdrying, and I find that using Smoother and then rubbing a little of the PM SSSerum thru my hair works wonders for me! The Strait Line Smoother is weightless!!! And if really works...and believe me, I live in an extremely high-humidity city where frizzy hair is just a sad fact of life. This takes care of all that. I have become a huge L'anza fan as a result and can't wait to try out the rest of the line.

Review by Pinki: I wrote to L'anza and asked for a sample of this and any other products they recommended. I totally agree w/ the previous reviewer regarding their generousity with samples!! I tried this immediately after getting it, and WOW - what a great straightening balm. I have tried mostly drugstore brands for straightening products, and this is of course wayyyy better. I use in conjunction with the Strait Line shampoo and conditioner, and added some BTZ's Smooth Shot and got super straight hair. Even rained yesterday and my hair stayed straight - big plus. Would purchase. I never repurchased this and found out through experience to never review a product right after you tried it. I find other cheaper products work just as well.

Review by ninanina: I really like this product. It's not loaded with silicones so it does not weigh down my fine hair at all. I only use this product when I'm going to blow-dry my naturally curly locks straight and it does a fine job of smoothing everything out and taming frizz (and believe me, left on its own, my hair just loves to frizz out!). I don't even have to use a flat iron after drying if I use L'anza Strait Line. It's a great product for my hair, YMMV, and I would repurchase.

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Frizz-Ease LITE Formula - Hair Serum

Review by nechama22: I cannot get started without this product, I have fine straight, wavy, poufy, curly, frizzy, kinky hair in that order.(as my hair dries, it transforms in that order) This is my base product after every shampoo (just a drop) finger through hair give a few minutes then add products to style as usual.

Review by clnfox: I use it every day. Fine blonde semi-wavy hair a little longer than shoulder length. Hair is very prone to frizz and very dry ends. Two pumps of this, mix together in hands, then smooth onto ends and a little above. Comb through, blow dry. Doesn't build up, doesn't darken blonde (but I shampoo every day) and doesn't smell. Dirt cheap too.
Edit: this stopped doing it's magic for me after 10 years of use. The lite version is a little better.

Review by aguskl: I bought this for my wavy hair that tends to get dry/frizzy in the summer. I use john freida ocean waves, which I love, so I thought I'd get this for heavy duty humidity. I applied 3-4 times the recommended amount and not one bit of difference, I have used cheapo hair gels that worked better than this. It's going in the trash!

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Back to Basics Sunflower Hair Spray

Review by Alexis: This hairspray is great. It really holds great and does not leave hair stiff and unmanageable. It also makes my hair shiny and bouncy. Smells good too!

Review by Suzy_h: I recently chopped off my long fried hair in favor of an extremely razored short stack and this hairspray will hold the funky styles I like without that "helmet-head" effect. Plus, it smells so darn good. I have already repurchased.

Review by bekkbekk1985: This stuff will hold the Hover Damn. Don't want your hair to go anywhere use this stuff.

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