which is the best hair styling?3 effective hair stylings

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By Marcella

which is the best hair styling?Let's see the 3 effective hair stylings !


Nolita Grit Gel

Review by Lyssa2676: This is the best gel! It is not sticky and it really helps when styling. I have straight, fine blond hair which has long layers. I use this when my hair is moist for more control when styling or even after to have wilder, beach hair! Love it!

Review by vengland: I have pin-straight "island" hair that's short and layered and it's so hard to find a product that won't weigh my it down. This is perfect because it's not sticky, it gives great texture, and it keeps my layers flipped up. Great stuff.

Review by spitfireseven: This is a fun product for summer beach hair-when I don't wanna fuss with my hair or it's humid or rainy.
It really gives my fine, collarbone length hair some 'oomph',and it smells great. Do NOT attempt to comb thru this stuff once it's dry,tho.Just a warning.

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Phyto Phyto Plage Moisturizing Sun Gel

Review by AokiJ: A friend gave me some Phyto Plage when I went on vacation to protect a new hair-color I had just gotten. She said it was also really moisturizing. My hair may have been really porous to begin with, but I actually found it to be slightly drying. BUT...I cannot give this a bad review because I love what it did for my hair. If I put Phyto Plage in, scrunched my stick-straight hair a little bit, and then just forgot about it, I had the greatest, wildest mane of loose bohemian waves an hour or so later. I LOVED how it made my hair look!
Loving its styling capabilities, I will definitely use again...just not on a daily basis since it seemed to have a contrary drying effect on me.

Review by Dimitra: I love this gel however, it is hard to explain. I do not really buy the hype about sun protection. Still, as a styling aid its fabulous. Phytoplage gel mostuirzes with no buildup and gives my hair great shine. There is hardly any hold which is great for the natural look. I will definetly repurchase.

Review by staci01: Love this when I'm on the beach. It feels more substantial than the Kerastase Soleil spray. I wasn't keen on the scent but it grows on you.
I don't notice anything but I hope that's a sign that it works. It protects my chemically damaged hair from sun and sea water.

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John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Mousse

Review by navarre: Wow- the positive reviews on this really are right. This product is excellent for the drugstore price. John Frieda rarely disappoints. I used a palm full of this after a shower and it made my fine hair voluminous, soft, and shiny/healthy looking all day. My hair did not frizz at all even in humid weather AND after a blow dry. It held my curled ends even without hair spray. I will definitely repurchase for when I need Victoria's Secret inspired hair. For the price, this is definitely HG.

Review by Loriwong: This mousse costs a lot and is no better than cheaper mousses.
I did not get significant more volume from using this product; so waste of money. Will certainly not buy again. Still searching for a miracle product that will actually really give me some more volume!

Review by jlinh2u: This is the best volumizing mousse I've ever tried. Leaves my hair full and bouncy and never weights it down or makes it stringy and waxy. I'm on a second bottle of this stuff. Great find!

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