which is the best hair products?3 top hair products

By Sara

which is the best hair products?Let's see the 3 top hair products !


LUSH Bulk Shampoos

Review by oopsygirl: I love the lush shamoo bars. They last a really long time, if not, you are using too much! The one I am using now is the one that makes your hair shiny, with coconut in it. I also love the blue one, with seaweed in it. I used to use the Godiva one, every day, and I got sick of the smell... nice at first, but really strong. The ingredients are great for my dry colored hair. Next to Aussie, this is a staple.

Review by wunverdoll: Lush Big salt shampoo.
I fell in love with this scent!! OMG! What I wouldn't do to have this in a perfume... but I digress...
The packaging is cute, but not very practical. Unscrewing the jar lends to water getting in there and messing with the product.
ADORE the scent (lol, said that already...) and it takes some manuvering to get it to behave as a shampoo, but eventually I did get a lather. But, geeze - does this stuff strip your hair!! Squeaky clean is an understatement!
An unusual product, fun, different - but even for the scent, I couldn't justify a re-purchase without a BIG sale. Even then I wouldn't recommend this as an everyday product.

Review by bklyncowgirl: I have only tried the Trichomania, but it is a wonderful product. Great lather, convenient, and a scent to die for!

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Sebastian X-TAH Entire Product Line

Review by GreeneyedGal: I love X-Tah Shampaste. It leaves my dry coarse hair feeling very conditioned and full of body. I discovered this a few years ago and have re-purchased many many tubes, although I am finding that it is becoming increasingly hard to find. I had to order my most recent tube from an online merchant. If you have dry hair, I definitely suggest trying this stuff.

Review by beckibabe: This is for the Xtah Shampaste only. I really like this. It's a really thick, paste-like shampoo with a mild, inoffensive smell. It produces a lot of luxurious, dense lather. My hair (which is short and quite thick, but not coarse or dry) is left soft and full. What I really like about this though, is that my hair still feels good the day after I've washed it and for a day after that too. Other shampoos, in comparison, are more of a 'one-day wonder' ie, nice the day I wash, but lifeless the next. I even use this as a body wash too.

Review by kimby83: Twisted taffy is a great product for styling short hair with that piecy stand up look and smells fabulous

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Yes To Carrots Yes To Cucumbers Leave-in Conditioner

Review by Alexis: For me the best leave-in conditioner is from John Masters, I wanted to try this leave-in simply because it is half the price and it is also a cream. The spray leave-in conditioners often have alcohol in them, what is very drying.
What I like about the Yes to leave-in is that it detangles and makes your hair heavy in a good way. Because I have very fine fly away hair, I need a bit heaviness.
What I don't like is that it doesn't give much shine and moisture.
I know when a leave-in is doing a good job when I rinse it out after 2 days and my hair feels very smooth and soft, the John Masters does that, the Yes to doesn't.

Review by belle2216: this has the exact same ingredients as the regular conditioner, just diluted with water. buy that instead!

Review by OutofControl: I'm loving this leave-in. It is silicone free (love love love) and it makes my hair incredibly soft!! It does not make my hair any less soft and shiney than silicone based products. I only need a tiny amount to cover my whole bra strap length hair. The packaging is fine. It comes in a tube with a flip cap which is easy to use. Very nice product, will repurchase.

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