which is the best hair products?3 recommended hair products

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By Elena

which is the best hair products?Let's see the 3 recommended hair products !


LUSH Washday Greens

Review by blyss: This shampoo does help with body (I have fine, thin hair) and doesn't wash hair color out. It also smells really nice. I think it might make my scalp itch, however (from the mint). But then my scalp randomly itches anyway sometimes, so I just use Nizoral a couple of times to get it normal again. I need to try it again to see if it was the shampoo or not.

Review by joheinous: Mmmm. The smell is wonderful. This is a mintier version of what I wanted Tramp to smell like - dark and herby mint. As far as shampooing goes, I like Cynthia Sylvia Stout better for my thick, curly hair - but this is good for days when my hair needs a little extra cleaning. It's a bit stripping, though, if your hair is colored.

Review by JettNY: This shampoo does a great job of cleaning oily hair. I did get a little tired of the minty smell. It's nice in the summer, but in the winter I prefer something more soothing and "warm".

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Redken Head Strong Shampoo

Review by dxgirly: Headstrong is a new favorite. It leaves my hair and free of any accumulated buildup. It also doesn't overdry my fine hair, so I can use it without conditioner. Works well with other Redken volumizing styling products.

Review by fitnessa: Unfortunately, this product didn't seem to add any volume to my hair. Instead, it felt all "squeaky" and tangly, even after using the conditioner. I think it was just too drying overall. Will keep hunting...

Review by YolandaMC: This is a great shampoo to alternate with Fat Cat if you have fine hair and like volume. Cleanses gently and effectively and does not leave a substantial buildup on your hair like other volumizers can sometimes do. Clean, unobtrusive scent, too.

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Charles Worthington Body-Booster Silkening Mousse

Review by nechama22: I love to use this when I let my hair go curly. Leaves curls soft, not crunchy, and full of body.

Review by Leelee57: I think i'm in love!!! I recently bought this mousse on a whim having never tried this line so didn't know quite what to expect, but i am sooooooo glad i did! I have long, thin (but lots of it) over- processed blonde hair that was beginning to feel like straw thanks to my recent highlights. However after spreading a good pump sized amount in my wet hair, it blow dried like a dream and has never felt softer! It looked thick, healthy and so smooth and shiny and best of all, didn't way my hair down at ALL! I work outside on a golf course and got so many compliments on my hair that day from the women members who could not believe it was a 10(CDN) mousse that was making my hair look so good! In fact, I'm sitting here the next morning in my pj's writing my fisrt review and my hair still looks awesome i dont even need to style it again. Love it!

Review by labelslut: I'm crushed that this is discontinued. I bought one at a local Winners store, used it once, went back the next day and bought the only other one that I could find. I wish I had ten of these. It is awesome whether I blow out my hair or not. It makes my hair feel silky soft and I can run my fingers through it all day. My hair is fine and quite curly so this is not often easy to do! When I run out of this I have no idea what I will do. :(

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